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10 Incredibly Relaxing Songs In Gaming

Who doesn’t like a little rest and relaxation? Isn’t that a huge part about why we play video games as it is? But beyond the base level of any game, there’s the soundtrack. The soundtrack can make or break any moment. Today I’d like to share 10 pieces of music from different games that have an air of pure calm and relaxation with them.

#10–Resident Evil 2– Save Rooms

You’re low on ammo, short on health, and around every corner there is either a zombie or another terror that wants to tear your heart out. Finally, you make it to safety, a temporary respite, and are met with a song that tells you it’s all going to be okay now. You’re safe.

#9–Super Mario 64– Jolly Roger Bay

I almost universally hate swimming levels in games. They’re tedious, they’re obnoxious, they’re plain not fun. My one exception to the rule is Super Mario 64’s Jolly Roger Bay purely because of the music. This track is so relaxing that I actually have it on my phone to listen to when I’m just trying to unwind from a particularly stressful day.

#8–The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim– From Past To Present

When you hear this track, you get a sense of wonder. You’re an adventurer in the wide open countryside and mountains of Skyrim. You need only decide which way your journey will take you. The peaceful calm amid your many battles and trials gives you pause to reflect on where you’ve been, as you look to where you’re going.

#7–Metal Gear Solid– Enclosure

This song actually plays during a very sad moment in the game. But beyond the sadness, there is also a relaxing feeling of acceptance to it. What’s done is done and it can’t be changed, but the present can be embraced. The characters in this scene live in the moment, while the player takes it all in through an emotional, yet relaxing and beautifully orchestrated piece.

#6–Way of the Samurai– This Everlasting Wind

This is the song that plays during the mornings in the hidden gem Way of the Samurai. While the series has become quite a bit more popular now, when it first released stateside it seemed like hardly anyone had heard of it. All these years, and this is one piece of music from that game that has stuck with me. There’s a peacefulness to it; the sound itself indeed reflecting that of morning’s first light as the sun crests the horizon. Lovely stuff.

#5–Kirby’s Adventure– Ending Theme

Kirby’s Adventure isn’t a stressful game by any measure until the last few segments after your battle with King Dedede when the true evils are revealed. After a few very fast-paced segments and a boss fight against Nightmare, it’s time to rest. The epilogue track for Kirby’s Adventure encapsulates the moment as things return to a peaceful calm.

#4–Red Dead Redemption– Far Away

There comes a point in Red Dead Redemption where John Marston’s journey will lead him from New Austin and across the border into Mexico. When arriving there for the first time and adjusting to a new land, the normal ambience is replaced by the clear strumming of a guitar. As you ride on horseback from the river’s edge, inward through deserts and past rock formations and cacti alike, the soft-sung lyrics kick in. A song simultaneously relaxing and one of determination, “Far Away’s” segment is one of the most peaceful and relaxing moments in the game.

#3–Final Fantasy VII– Prelude

During the opening credits when this song first plays, there’s something borderline hypnotic about it. The soft tones, the gentle rise and fall of the tempo, the clean simplicity of it; it’s relaxing enough you might just doze off if you watch the opening credits the whole way through honestly.

#2–This War Of Mine– Thaw

This War of Mine is a bleak game about civilians trying to survive in a city being rocked by warfare. The greatest challenges come during the winter months when the harsh cold and dwindling resources make things seem the bleakest. Then comes the first signs of spring, and with them, the track “Thaw” begins to play. You’ve survived winter and while the road ahead of you is still a long one, you can take a brief moment to relax and breathe in the fresh air.

#1–World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandara– The August Celestials

Mists of Pandaria took World of Warcraft players to mysterious new lands, once hidden away from prying eyes of outsiders. Through various quests and trials, more of the secrets of Pandaria become unlocked. There are many great pieces of music in this expansion, but the one with the most relaxing, even serene tone, is the track The August Celestials.