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10 MORE Relaxing Tracks In Video Games

After the amazing feedback on the last piece, I’ve decided to give this topic another walk around the block. In the comments I saw a lot of great songs out there, and for the most part I agree; those are some pretty relaxing tracks you’ve suggested yourselves.

Here are 10 more of my picks for relaxing tracks in video games. Let them relax your tension, soothe your soul, and add them to a playlist so that you can use them when you just need moments of peace and quiet.

#10–Love Theme- Mass Effect

The Love Theme in Mass Effect plays in a few moments of the game. In moments of great loss, and in moments where certain friendships can become something more between Commander Shepard and a member of their crew. The slow tempo, the hauntingly beautiful piano, you can easily close your eyes and slip away into a moment.

#9–Electric Dreams- Hotline Miami

The deed is done, the game is won. As the camera fades and the credits begin to roll, a simple song plays out. In stark contrast to the thumping synthwave heard through the rest of the game, Electric Dreams is a song of relief. The chaos the player endured has come to a close, and all that’s left is to embrace the moment.

#8–The Clicker- Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment games are often referenced not just for their substance, but their soundtracks. Alan Wake is perhaps their crowning achievement in the audio department, with a number of both licensed and unique tracks, the most relaxing of which is called The Clicker. Now I don’t want to spoil what The Clicker is in reference to, but it is something that helps hold the key to the events of the game. The Clicker is a moment of peace in a dark world; just as its theme is a moment of relaxation among our own chaos.

#7–Tears Of … – Silent Hill

This track comes in the final moments of the horror experience that is Silent Hill. After Harry Mason goes through a hellish nightmare, watching reality bend and warp around him as he struggles to survive and save his adoptive daughter, there is finally a moment of peace in what looked like was going to be his final moments. Saved from evil and spared from torment, Harry Mason is able to flee the nightmares of the town as this track begins to play. It was a moment players could take to finally exhale after their long, tense journey. The gentle tone playing on ears that were bombarded with sounds of monsters and soundtracks meant to amplify horror only minutes before was a sudden bout of relaxation.

#6–Old Snake- Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The first time I heard this track was the first time I played Metal Gear Solid 4. As the title theme, it’s the first song you’ll hear in the game, Solid Snake standing solemnly in a graveyard, staring down at a tombstone. A soldier, a legend, wasting away as his body ages rapidly. This title screen is a moment to relax before you press start and begin Solid Snake’s final mission, and it gives you a moment to soak it all in. The song is made in such a way that you can’t help but sit and listen at least for a little while.

#5–Romani Ranch- The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

A song that’ll make you imagine life on the range, cooking over an open fire while the cattle graze not far off. In a world where the moon is crashing down, the Romani Ranch theme is a port in the storm. A song that says, “Don’t worry about the world ending, just live in the moment. Live easy.”

#4–Interlude (Hall of Heroes)- Fable

Perhaps the most beautifully made track in the entire Fable series, the variant of Interlude played in the Hall of Heroes is a moment for the player to consider their journey up until that point, and where it will go from there. The song is humbling, as you stand in the presence of legends past. I have this song on a personal playlist called “Nap Time,” and let me tell you, if one of the tracks of rainstorms or crickets doesn’t put me to sleep, this one will knock me out instantly. It’s just that soothing.

#3–Despair- Dying Light

In the context of the game, Despair is absolutely a sad track for a sad moment. But if you take it away from that moment and enjoy it on its own merits, it’s a beautiful piece of music. It’s a piece of music that could fit in during a lot of places in Dying Light. Personally, I think it would be fitting for exploring during one of the game’s many storms when you’re out of combat. Relax, and soak in the rain.

#2–Gwyn, Lord of Cinder- Dark Souls

The song itself stands in stark contrast to the moment it appears. This is the theme song for Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, who is a rather important boss the player must face over the course of Dark Souls. When you’re trying not to be maimed, murdered, and otherwise slain, you don’t really get a chance to appreciate this song. But outside of the fight, it’s a beautiful piano number.

#1–Soldier’s Eyes- Days Gone

Soldier’s Eyes is to Days Gone, what Far Away was to Red Dead Redemption. This is a song that plays at a turning point in the game, where hope and determination have taken hold and yet the players are treated to a relatively peaceful traveling segment. As Deacon St. John and his best friend reminisce on the early days of the outbreak and the countryside passes around them while they cruise, this song players out. The first time I heard this song, my jaw dropped, and as soon as the mission was over I rushed to the internet to find it.

Thank you for stopping in for another lineup of 10 relaxing songs in gaming, I hope you’ve enjoyed the offering and I hope you’ll offer more of your own down in the comments. Enjoy the music, and more importantly, I hope you enjoy the games they’re attached to if you’ve not had the chance to play them already.