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28 Minutes With ‘Need for Speed: Heat’

  • Day and night gameplay on display.
  • Extensive look at Palm City.
  • Could this restore the Need for Speed franchise to its former glory?

Players curious about the upcoming Need for Speed: Heat can catch an in depth look, as 28 minutes of gameplay has been uploaded to the Playstation YouTube channel. Captured on a PS4 Pro, and featuring heavy commentary, it serves as a first real look at the game that isn’t part of overly cut trailers trying to make it look like the long-lost cousin of the early Fast and Furious films. The gameplay shows off most of what you can expect from the game: fast cars, neon lights, a lot of motion blur to further emphasize speed. It doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look mind-blowing either. It looks average, which is definitely better than bad, but may not be the racer you’re looking for. You can check out the footage below.


Some things in the gameplay that did stand out were welcome sights though. The police AI is incredibly aggressive during the nighttime segments, showing up with cars that look like they can go toe to toe with your ride. The beginning of the gameplay shows this off well, as the player is in a back and forth rolling battle at high speeds while in the middle of a race. At one point, a blacked-out cruiser suddenly appears in an intersection and tries to make himself a barricade against the progress of the player. This is where the luster of the police chase was thrown off, however, as despite a high-speed impact, both vehicles looked intact, and the race continued. I know the days of Burnout are long gone, but we really need to see some racing games pick back up on the epic crashes that series offered up.

Daytime racing is centered more around official racing events where you can compete at your leisure without the worry of law enforcement. Outside of the official events, police will still play a factor, but they’re not nearly as aggressive during the day. Unlike nighttime, there are some visual elements that aren’t nearly as captivating. You can notice a certain dated look to the buildings, which look like they’re out of 2013, as opposed to 2019. The rest of the environment looks great, but when you’re speeding through the downtown, if you slow down for a corner and the blur lessens enough, you can really notice the dated look.

While the footage does show a bit of the story elements of the game, there’s not much to say about it yet. Just seems like a story about street racers, no major Hollywood hook or underlying revenge stories. Basically, it doesn’t look like they’re trying to avoid making the same mistakes as Need for Speed: Payback. Need for Speed: Heat releases on Friday November 8th on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.