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3 Hyped MMOs You Can No Longer Play

The demise of an MMORPG is always sad. Gamers spend days, weeks, and years of their life immersed in their favorite fantasy and sci-fi worlds. They nurture their characters, level them, experience joy and wonders with them. And then, one day, their character dies, forever vanishing in the endless void of digital non-existence.
If that’s not bad enough, the whole world, no, the whole universe, dies a similar death. MMOs shutting down have caused a lot of grief in the gaming world, and here are three MMOs that many of us miss tremendously.


This fluffy fellow is going to go listen to Linkin Park every moment now.

Wildstar was released in 2014 and was shut down in 2018. Whilst the game was plagued with bugs at the beginning, Carbine Studios created a truly beautiful game that as beloved by many. For some strange reason, Wildstar was the kind of game that everyone said to want to re-visit at some point, but few ever did, which is quite sad, since it had a lot going for it: A completely wacky plot, a very distinct art style, genocidal space hamsters, slightly less genocidal space zombies, definitely genocidal space bunnies, and a narrator voice that would mock you every time your character died a virtual death. Wildstar also had the absolute best housing system I ever saw in a game, a feature only few MMOs care to develop to such an elaborate degree.
Some say it was too hardcore for an increasingly casual audience, and some say the game never found its identity. For me, it was the last big theme park MMORPG that came out. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online firmly occupy that market segment now, and it appears as there is little room for more games like Wildstar in the future. Rest in peace… until the first private server pops up, that is (plz gib emulator, Arctium!)


Say hello to Lord Recluse, lord of server shutdowns.

City of Heroes and its sister MMO (if you want to call it that) City of Villains was something truly special as far as superhero MMOs come. For me, it deserves the ‘special’ label because it wasn’t based on adaptations of existing superheroes or superhero universes. You wouldn’t see a Marvel character in that game, and you wouldn’t see a DC character in there either. Instead, the players were the legends themselves. A completely customizable character creation system, in which you could freely evolve and combine different super powers combined with a fashion system rivaling modern day MMOs, guaranteed its survival for quite a long time. After all, CoH came to life in 2004 and was only shut down officially in 2012.

I’m not saying that it’s a conspiracy, but I’m totally saying that it’s a conspiracy that two of my favorite MMOs, Wildstar and City of Heroes, were both shut down by NCSOFT. They’re out to ruin my life, I know it (shout-out to /r/gangstalking).


The players on the FarStar server saying goodbye.

Ooooh, Star Wars Galaxies. All the things you COULD have been. You were an amazing sandbox MMORPG. You had the deepest crafting system I’d ever seen, with people competing for prime shop real estate and the best mineral nodes (only one player could harvest the same node for weeks at a time). You had me mix-and-matching professions (hello there, dancer/gunslinger), and you had me experience the Star Wars galaxy as an average Joe Shmoe, instead of some fancy shmancy girly-robed Jedi. It was a great time, but as so often, Corporate decided they knew better than the game designers themselves and quickly drove hundreds of thousands of loyal fans away from the game with a succession of very lacklustre expansions.

At least the Star Wars Galaxies community is still very much active. Many fan servers exist, all specializing on different aspects that made the original game great: roleplaying, combat, and trade. If you’re longing for some nostalgia and a truly great MMO, I encourage you to check these out!

That’s it already, folks. Let’s remember the fallen, and treat the MMOs that we love and are still alive tenderly. Who knows for how long they’ll be around. I do hope one day corporations will be “convinced” to give to the public domain the code of MMOs that they no longer want to operate.

-Falko (Follow me on twitter)

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  1. Wildstar didn’t have any genocidal races. The space hamsters were violent maniacs who saw lethal explosions as absolute hilarity. The space zombies were looking for a cure to a self inflicted plague. The rabbits were hippies. OK I’ll give you the rabbits.

    The thing about Wildstar is that it has ruined MMOs for me. Their base combat gameplay was the best ever. Made so by solid base mechanics and well designed challenging fights basically from the beginning of the game. That is why people say it was anti-casual. Because even the easiest dungeon had basically zero tank and spank. Yes, even the trash wasn’t tank and spank.

    Also CoH has private servers up now. I only recently found out about this myself but yah.

  2. Dunno if anyone else will agree with me on this, but despite how broken the game became, I really miss Warhammer Online. It was never a wow killer, and it was far from a perfect game, but I had some of the best times in that game. It wasn’t a replacement for DAOC, but it was the closest to come to it.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Still to this day is one of my favorite mmo’s. The only one PVP focused mmo that I have enjoyed. I jump into the privet servers on occasion when I need that itch scratched.

  3. JackofTears on November 21, 2019 at 5:36 am said

    There is a fan-run ‘City of Heroes/Villains’ server out there that is doing quite well in bringing back the old game for fans. Unfortunatley, the game shows its age and I couldn’t get back into it. I’d love to see a faithful remake that just updated the engine and special effects but kept everything else the same.

  4. Ironically, one of Wildstar’s problems was the lack of skilled endgame. The content wasn’t casual friendly, but not hard enough for the hardcore players either. The endgame was really lacking, and so the game had no staying power despite being solid in so many other area’s. It’s not an easy genre to break into.

  5. I freaking LOVED Wildstar. Preordered it. Played all the time. Never did do the end game content, was more of a solo player. I am so sad its’ gone. I hope someone makes a private server soon

  6. Wildstar was the absolute best mmo back in the day when it came out. How I wish it was revived

  7. Type text here…Tell Gamigo to revive it

  8. I loved Wildstar. Right now I’m watching Camelot Unchained for something completely different.

  9. I loved SW:G, thanks for the tip!

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