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37 Rough Minutes in ‘GTFO’

  • Early alpha footage, subject to change.
  • The early alpha footage is very rough.
  • Some aspects of the game are just nonsense.

GTFO has been something of an enigma. A co-op FPS experience taking place deep underground, you and three other players have one task on your mind. You have to get the f**k out, hence the name GTFO. Since its initial teaser some time ago, it felt like it fell off the face of the earth and only pokes back out now and then. Luckily for us, an alpha test recently went underway, and plenty of footage is out in the wild now. Here’s a 37-minute look at early Alpha stages of GTFO, and after the video I’ll give my thoughts on it.


I’m struggling to find good things to say about this, even for an early alpha the game looks incredibly rough, and many of those choices seem to be the product of questionable design. Let’s take a look first at the creatures, which are supposed to be the bread and butter of the experience. Who in the world signed off on these designs? Through the whole thing I didn’t see one creature that at any point would evoke fear. At most, an uneasiness as they awkwardly twitch when their hearts beat at random, which also serves as some sort of sonar mechanism for them to track nearby movement. It appears if done properly, most of these enemies can either be snuck by or killed easily, at least in the early phases of the match. Later on, it does look like it increases in difficulty somewhat, but it never seemed like this group of players were in any particular danger. At most, they got annoyed with the enemies when someone would alert them.

The environments themselves look incredibly uninspired, a mix of bland warehouses, access halls, and generic caves with interconnecting tunnels in between. In darker areas, this issue isn’t as glaring, but there’s a surprising amount of light in the Alpha. I was expecting an almost entire experience where you rely on the illumination of flashlights, flares, and gunfire, but this underground facility has tons of well-functioning electricity.

GTFO is expected to enter Steam Early Access this year, with a full release coming in the future at a time to be determined. I’m still going to keep an eye on it, considering its early alpha stages, but they need to revisit a lot of aspects of the game. Far more than just the technical hitches of an early alpha, these odd enemy designs, uninspired environments need to be reconsidered for the full launch. On the bright side, it does seem like the group enjoyed themselves overall, so maybe it’s one of those experiences where you just have to play it yourself to get a full idea of the appeal. What do you think of the footage for GTFO? Is the alpha hot or not? Let us know down below.