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5 Fan-Made SMITE Skins That Should be Real

Hi-Rez and Titan Forge, the developers behind SMITE, have looked to the community for new designs for skins in the past. While they have chosen some of the best, here are five more that I think deserve to make the cut.

#5—Thor: Hammer of Justice

Created by Reddit user u/Kbabyhands1, Hammer of Justice is one of those things that just sounds so strange when you explain it, you can’t help but want to see where it goes. Imagine it, this powerful viking warrior (before anyone says anything, yes, I know he’s an assassin) dressed as a supreme court judge, beating the sh*t out of people with a giant gavel. I could only then imagine what the voice pack for a skin like this could be, with the valiant Thor shouting about law, order, justice, and freedom. It feels like it could almost be an addition to the American themed skins, Ramerica and Uncle Zeus.

Alternatively, I could imagine a whole slew of judge themed skins, ranging from Chaac to Sylvanus.

#4—Tomb Lord Hades

Created by Reddit user u/karulox, Tomb Lord Hades is a cross-pantheon skin. Cross-pantheon skins have all been incredibly popular, ranging from Ragnarok Hades, who is based on the Norse Fire Giant, to Spriggan Terra, who is based on the Celtic mythological creature which is most popularly depicted as a sort of natural tree elemental. While Hades, as I’ve mentioned, already has his hands on one cross-pantheon skin, the more the merrier! Especially when the concept is something as epic as this.

#3—Lava Lord Erlang Shen

It is almost impossible to mention SMITE skin concepts without mentioning at least one piece from Reddit user u/Wolfdawgartcorner, who has already had two skins introduced into the game, Boogieman Zhong Qui from the most recent Odyssey, and Trench Terror Agni, who is available for purchase in the Excalibur Bundle alongside Royal Fury Anhur. One of their latest works is this excellent idea, Lava Lord Erlang Shen. Many fans have been asking for new skins for Erlang for ages, and this might be exactly what they need. The skin is vastly different than most other skins, and is unique against the recent sets of Ragnarok Skins, which have become sort of a stylized molten lava set of skins. It is certainly unique for Erlang, who has an incredibly small batch of skins.

u/Wolfdawgartcorner has many excellent concepts, and it was hard to pick just one.

#2—Void Mother Nox

One of my personal favorite styles of skins are the Lovecraftian Abyssal Skins. This Nox skin is no different, and could join the likes of Chaac, Agni, and Ares. These skins are all unique, despite their similar themes and clear inspirations. One of the better things about the concept of Void Mother Nox is that the artist, Alicia Moreira, has also provided examples of how some abilities might appear. One of the most thematically interesting choices she picked was the style of the ultimate, Night Terror. This has the ability appear as a massive, singular abyssal eye wreathed in tentacles.

What could be more lovecraftian than that!?


Kuzenbo is an… interesting character to say the least. He feels like a walking meme machine, and can be a serious bully on the battlefield.

One of his most popular skins is Kaijubo, and u/OreoLeSasquatch has laid down a rival to that skin, both in excellence of design and sheer thematic tension. Kuzenbot, a giant mechanized turtle. It feels like the epic battle between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla, two fated rivals, one flesh, and one machine. Once again, we have also been graced by the introduction of some ability concepts to go with the design, the most important being sort of cyborg-esque Kappas, Kuzenbo’s tiny minions he can summon forth in the game. Here, they appear as though they could be piloting the machine. Overall, Kuzenbot is a tough skin to beat.

What are some of your favorite SMITE fan skins you think Titan Forge should consider? Are there any ideas you have for skins?

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