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5 Great Games for Your “Potato” PC

I’m not the most hardcore of PC gamers (I say as I brush my 357 Steam games under a rug), but I do have the occasional passing interest in games that are often PC exclusives. This has led to my ownership of several mid-range PCs over the years. It is a real shame that they seem to literally explode within a year of purchase, and one such explosion thoroughly removed my ability to play many of the PC games I once enjoyed.

However, all has not been lost. I am now the proud owner of a 2018 Microsoft Surface Go (read “Touchscreen Potato”), which I will primarily use for work and study. Of course, that means playing PC games, too. Almost immediately upon delivery, I set out to discover which of my 357 steam games played the best on my new 10-inch tablet PC.

The five games I’ve included in this list are the best games I discovered while sifting through my library. Games were tested for performance, as well as playability and fun factor. Each game comes highly recommended, regardless of your PC’s muscle. For reference, these are my computer’s specifications: 8 Gigaspuds of RAM, Intel® Pentium® CPU 4415Y @ 1.6 GHeinz running Windows 10 Home 64 bit.

#5—Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser

This is an excellent horizontal bullet hell-ish shoot-em-up inspired by 1970s super robot anime. At a price point of $4.99, this game is a delightful steal, and it plays perfectly in short bursts. This game features multiple difficulty modes and is very accessible for a game in a genre notorious for its difficulty.

#4—Bejeweled 3

There are two gem matching puzzle games in my steam library, and this this is one I can recommend to players of all ages. Gameplay is quite simple, and yet addicting enough that I want to bother mentioning it. Players clear a board of colored gems by matching them in rows. Simple, inexpensive ($4.99), and quite fun. Huniepop wasn’t the other option, and you definitely shouldn’t check into that game as well.


Crosscode is an excellent action RPG in the spirit of a game like Secret of Mana. This is one of my favorite PC games in recent years, and you should absolutely check it out for a great retro-inspired rpg. $19.99 affords one of the most charming throwbacks to the glory days of 90s RPGs. Excellent sound, visual, and gameplay design make Crosscode easily worth the price of entry, especially to a fan of 90s RPGs.


Duskers is a difficult game to explain, and I can’t recall playing anything even remotely like it. The concept places the player as a human locked in the control center of a ship adrift in space. Something has happened to your ship, and the other ships you encounter. You will take control of drones with a command line interface and use them to survey the wreckage for survival essentials. While it doesn’t immediately evoke a sense of fear, this is one of the creepiest games I’ve ever played. There is something in the ship. $19.99 gets you the creepiest simulation game I’ve played yet. Buyer Beware- this game can test the player’s patience with a brutal RNG system.

#1—Ghost Master

Ghost Master is a unique title in which players guide supernatural forces in their haunting conquests of various locations. As Ghost Master, your goal is to drive even the most hardened of sceptics into fleeing into the night from the comforts of their familiar surroundings. Gameplay is a passive system in which players assign roles to ghosts depending on their type, abilities, and the fears of human victims. This game feels very similar to the Sims franchise of games, only this game is not haunted by overpriced DLC. As far as I’m aware, there is nothing else like this game, and for $4.99 it can provide campy, spook-filled fun.

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