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5 of the Spookiest Games to Play this Halloween

Its that time of year again, folks! Halloween is fast approaching, and there’s never been a more terrifying time to play some terrifying games. Just like horror movies, horror games have been a staple in the medium for their entire life.

Without further ado, here are five of the spookiest horror games you can play right now.

#5–Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation was a welcome surprise, especially when the only other Alien game fresh in people’s minds was Colonial Marines, which was the biggest failure of a game in recent memory. Coming back from that was a serious leap, and Alien: Isolation does it perfectly. Playing as Ripley’s daughter, you must survive a Xenomorph on a space station. While that might not sound very inspired, everything is done right. You’re constantly on guard, constantly looking for ways to escape.

Unlike some other horror games, you really don’t have a consistent or trustworthy means of taking care of the primary enemy: The Xenomorph. You can dispatch of the hostile humans and androids through fairly standard means, but fighting can easily alert the Xenomorph if it is nearby. It fears fire, sure, but you can’t kill it. It will always come back, and you need to be ready when it does.

#4–Resident Evil 7

Even when it gives you a weapon, Resident Evil 7 still manages to frighten the player. There is no doubt that the second portion of the game is not quite as nerve-wracking or terrifying as the first, but you have to survive long enough to get there. You have to do whatever you can to escape not one, but a full family of violent killers controlled by a twisted experiment. There are so many mysteries to unlock, secrets to discover, and a truth to uncover.

Even once you’ve been armed, there is still the uneasy nature of the experience. You never have enough ammo to be comfortable, and the Molded are always just a little too resilient. The safe rooms always feel like they could be breached at any second, and the way the Baker Family and Eveline work, you never know if you can really trust anyone. Even as the mysteries become stripped from the facade of the world, it unveils something as equally troubling.

#3–Amnesia: The Dark Descent

When you think of horror gaming, one of the first things that comes to many people’s minds is Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This smash hit survival horror title uses concepts of the player character’s sanity to force you to complete certain objectives the right way, and the nature of this gives the game almost a light Lovecraftian vibe. If you stare at a monster too long, avoid light for too long, or witness something horrific, it reduces your sanity.

You may know Amnesia for its incredible popularity amongst YouTubers back in 2010, but it is much more than that. The game is tense, horrifying, and every motion you make needs to be carefully calculated. One wrong move, one door opened too fast, one torch left unlit, one second too long in the light could be the difference between survival or horrific death.


Observer  is something on a different level than many other games. Starring Blade Runner’s Rutger Hauer, you play as Daniel Lazarski, an Observer. Observers are a type of detective that have the ability to hack into someone’s mind and use augmented reality vision to investigate their cases.

Of course, the plot behind Observer isn’t as exciting as its presentation. You’re within this cyberpunk space where the virtual is colliding with the reality, and as you continue to discover what’s going on, hacking the minds of the dead or dying, it only becomes harder to determine what is real and what isn’t. There are moments in Observer that, unlike a jumpscare, can cause genuine fear. Anything that makes you genuinely afraid is something worth looking at.


Perhaps the biggest tragedy in the modern memory of games enthusiasts was the cancellation of Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s horror game starring Norman Reedus. Despite the loss of what could have been a major success for the franchise, fans are still fawning over P.T, the playable teaser for the game. The simple, infinitely looping hallway full of horrors stokes the flames of your imagination to form your worst nightmares.

There are legitimate moments of peril, when Lisa is on your back and you’re rushing as fast as possible down the hall, but turning the corners meant a whole new realm of mystery. After your first few loops, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems, and nothing is ever the same. Every corner could be a new variation on the hallway, or nothing at all, and that’s just it. The real horror of P.T doesn’t come from what was put in the game, but rather what you could imagine. What was behind the next corner this time? What’s hiding in the bathroom now? Is there anything behind me? You’re mind runs wild while you try to uncover the truth.

What games do you think deserve to be on this list? Talk about it in the comments below!