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5 Underexposed Virtual Reality Games

Despite being a fairly new market, the library of virtual reality games across the Steam and PlayStation markets is already fairly diverse, with enough games that you can make a reasonable top 250 list of VR games on Steam and not have much in the way of full-blown shovelware.

Unfortunately, this means that some games have the tendency to disappear into the waves of overly burdened storefronts.

Today, I’m going to talk about five games I think deserve a little more attention.

#5—Ultrawings PCVR/ PSVR

While most people’s first choice in flight games on a VR system may not be a slightly more realistic take on the Pilotwings formula, the thoroughly polished job done here is a great first introduction to more complicated VR games.

Spread across three islands, multiple planes, and tons of missions, the simplified look and feel of Ultrawings gives the game a real charm to it, with its simple cartoonish graphics looking great even on a low res headset like the PSVR. The controls are simple and satisfying, with the start-up process of each plane retaining its charm even after multiple take-offs. There’s variety in spades thanks to multiple mission types, with one of the best letting you grab a simple starters pistol to shoot targets with.

All three planes can be a real challenge or soft breeze to fly thanks to tons of difficulty options. Great for really stretching your VR legs for the first time.

#4—Soundboxing PCVR only

Arguably the most popular game on this list, being roughly in the 80th highest rated VR game list on Steam, Soundboxing is exactly what it sounds like—punching to the beat. While not exactly unpopular, I feel it’s worth mentioning here, purely due to the overwhelming existence of Beat Saber drowning out every other rhythm game imaginable.

With that said, Soundboxing does have a lot going for it right now, the main thing being YouTube integration. You can load up any video, and make a beat for yourself out of it, or see if anyone else has done the same.

There’s also a ton of neat little details—the little robots that dance along with you, the visual design that’s simple on the eyes and easy to follow even on more complex songs, and since scoring judges your punching force, being precise can help your score immensely. It has plenty of depth and tons of songs already mapped, no mods required, so it can almost be easier to jump into than Beat Saber.

Cheap as chips, to boot, even when not on sale.

#3—StatikPSVR only

I’m sure everyone can sympathize with the daily grind.

Clock in, watch some fool play with a big box strapped to his hands for twenty minutes, absentmindedly tell him that he is doing perfectly average, drug him into a state of mild hallucinatory sleep, clock out. That kinda stuff, ya know.

While I kid slightly, Statik is a clever puzzle title that plays with the concept of VR by having every button (or most buttons) on the DualShock 4 control a big puzzle box on your hands. It lends itself to some really neat tricks and a lot of encouragement in being able to pick out obvious-yet-not-obvious details in your environment.

It also leads to some weird questions.

Who is this hilariously boring man running the Institute of Retention, and how is he actually interesting despite this? It helps that the variety on the puzzles keeps the game from being boring, and you’ll be through it before you know it.

#2—Chambered PCVR only

Most multiplayer games on both VR platforms have the eternal problem of low player bases. Sometimes you just want to stretch out, relax, and shoot some dudes in structured matches. Chambered is this concept given form.

It’s a basic VR shooter, but it nails those basics. The guns are high quality enough to fit the part, fun to use, but hard to completely master. The bots aren’t brain dead or rock hard, and there’s a fair selection of levels, weapons, and customization items to unlock.

The few dozen levels included will get about four hours out of it max, but for the regular asking price of $4—yes, it gets cheaper on sale—it’s a steal for what it offers. And there’s even a free demo!

#1—Starblood ArenaPSVR only

Even a free stint on PlayStation Plus couldn’t get this title the great word of mouth it deserves. Starblood is a six-degrees-of-freedom multiplayer arena shooter, with a handful of modes, maps, and several unique characters that each has individual single player campaigns (botmatches) and unique upgrades to unlock.

Where it stands out is the combat.

Being able to move any-which-way with the analogs, aim with your head, and shoot with the triggers, lends to dizzyingly fast combat, weaponry going off in every direction, and an opponent behind every corner. Bots are intelligent and fun to fight, and thankfully, they can drop into multiplayer matches, making waits not that long. It is absolutely likely to set off motion sickness though, so it’s definitely one to avoid until you have your VR legs. A great pick-up-and-play title for the PSVR, and I really do hope more people get their hands on it. I’ve seen it on sale for so cheap that it almost becomes depressing.

The library of VR continues to grow and expand every year, with a pretty notable backlog of titles for anyone who wants to go digging. There’s gold in those hills, and hopefully these five will give you just a little more fun on your headset, whichever one you’re on. There are plenty of other VR games that deserve a bit of extra light—leave your favorites in the comments.

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  1. I have a PSVR for my PS4 Pro… I should really get back to it and try out more games. Though, now that I’ve upgraded my PC, I feel like I could probably invest some money in a HTC Vive and play around with VR on PC. Probably best since it’s harder to stay focused in PSVR with the lower framerates and such.

    • Herr_snorrovic on May 7, 2019 at 12:32 am said

      I like the PS VR but it´s a shame that most games make me feel sick and it´s a bit annoying to use and set everything up the right way. If i knew this beforehand i would´ve waited for another 5-10 years before buying it.

  2. Thanks for the article. I’d appreciate an article comparing VR hardware and the software available for each one in the future.

  3. Herr_snorrovic on May 7, 2019 at 12:18 am said

    MY top 3 PS VR games are

    1. Superhot VR
    2. i expect you to die
    3. accounting+

    I like games like drunkn bar fight, skyrim VR and driveclub VR aswell but they make me feel pretty sick after playing them for half an hour so i wouldn´t recommend buying them.

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