7 Days to Die Review

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  1. Doesn’t seem like my kind of game. I’m not huge on the zombie survival genre.

  2. I have seen the game evolve over the years…the updates are definitely hit or miss.

    Not sure if they will ever truly change the feel for an absolute better version.

    I had fun with the game playing with friends…and I do like how you can tweak the settings on a server but I think the zombie genre has been over saturated for too long.

  3. I’ve played 7DTD since it first came out…certainly has had a large amount of progression but there is one BIG thing they haven’t fixed yet which is seriously impacting the game… optimisation… the game can drop from 60 FPS to 15 FPS on blood moons, even normal days later on when screamers spawn hordes…. hordes = fps killer, almost have to play it with minimum zombie spawns if you want to have an alright FPS

  4. JUGGERNATE on April 18, 2019 at 6:59 pm said

    This is one of those games where I wish they had a AAA development budget while still being able to maintain their creative independence. The game is definitely fun. The combat is better than virtually any other survival game. The visuals are pretty ugly, but that is a design decision to maintain decent FPS while having potentially hundreds of zombies on screen at a time (though, unless you mess with your server settings, it’ll take dozens of days to get to the point where that many zombies actually show up). The loot table isn’t vast, but certain weapons and schematics are rare enough that you’re excited when you find them. The XP system isn’t revolutionary, but it certainly gives a sense of progression while you grind. The ability to dig anywhere (it’s not static ground like in ARK or The Forest) and the fact that structures can collapse also set this game apart from many of its competitors (it was really cool the first few times I saw a horde tunnel into the wall and foundation of a structure).

    It feels like the template for a great game that just needs a ton of work to get to a great spot. There are plenty of bugs, there are some pretty game-breaking exploits that make horde nights fairly trivial (typically involving pits or vast spike walls), and there’s not quite enough variety of events/enemy types to keep the game interesting after you get past 40 days or so. If they added bosses that could spawn, or natural disaster events like tornadoes or earthquakes, or if they added human NPC enemies that could sometimes roll in and try to steal your stuff, it would really spice up the game. I’m also torn on if I think it’s a net positive or negative that you can manipulate the terrain. The Pros are that it allows much more creativity and you can implement lots of strategies involving being underground. The Cons are that it makes it too easy to exploit the zombie AI. The best experience I’ve had with the game involved just picking an existing house with one friend, and just upgrading the house instead of creating an underground base, or turning the yard into a giant spike field. It made the horde nights intense as you were running around to various lookout points on the roof trying to shoot the zombies off your walls before they could break through. Many horde nights ended with us pinned upstairs and most of our main floor had been trashed. Sadly, since you know that there are superior strategies out there, you typically resort to a spike wall at some point, and the game devolves from a looter shooter into a tree-farming/ spike-building simulator.

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