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A Rough Launch for ‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare’ Players

  • Server issues for hours.
  • Campaign cutscene stuttering on PC.
  • Some modes temporarily unavailable.


If Modern Warfare was an airplane, the seat belt sign would’ve stayed on for the entirety of its flight last night as players encountered an incredibly rough launch. The highly anticipated entry in the franchise began going live yesterday, and while the first part of the day seemed to go fine for Xbox One players around the world who utilized a cheeky time-zone change to play early, the same could not be said for everyone else later in the day.

When servers began going live at 9PM EST last night, the player base faced off against Modern Warfare’s deadliest enemy the dreaded launch night curse that so many major titles suffer from. From PlayStation 4 to PC, and even the Xbox One players that had been playing just fine, everyone was being met with different instances keeping them from the game. For PC players, it was simply being unable to connect to the servers. PlayStation 4 players were reporting their installs being stuck at 80-90%. Xbox One players possibly had it the worst as several reports spoke of their consoles crashing hard enough to necessitate a hard reset. The frustrations are compounded by several modes being temporarily unavailable until Friday evening.

After nearly two hours of trying to play with no avail, players were finally able to start logging on. For those on consoles, their troubles ended and they were able to access their games just fine. The trouble for PC players continued though, not in the case of multiplayer but rather in the campaign. PC users reported cutscenes that were out of sync with the audio, and stuttering to the point they were unwatchable. While the game itself played just fine, there’s not much point in attempting the campaign if you can’t experience the cutscenes properly. 

For the time being, until this is properly addressed, Reddit users on r/ModernWarfare have found a workaround that works to varying success by manipulating the Out Of Focus and Menu frame limits. Don’t ask me why this works, I couldn’t explain it to you, all I know is when I cranked those up all the way my issues with the cutscenes stopped. It looks like there’s a trick to it somewhere though, as those using the trick are reporting varying degrees of success and the settings they used to get there. It’s at least something that will hopefully help others until Infinity Ward fixes them. Are you one of the people that was caught up in a rough launch night? Is your experience fairing better today? Let us know down below.