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Achievements/Trophies Leak for ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’

  • Full list of achievements/trophies now available online.
  • Some achievements contain spoilers for both the main plot and side activities.
  • Let’s take a close look at some of the more eye-catching ones.


With the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order just around the corner, it was only a matter of time before the achievements and trophies for the game made it into the wild reaches of the internet. It’s a good way for completionists to plan ahead, and for the curious to go digging around to see what they can learn about a game they’re curious about. A fair warning before we go further, this list does have spoilers within it, and after we’ve gone through iy I’ll be honing in on a few standout ones. We’re going to be looking at the PlayStation 4 Trophies today, but you can find the Xbox One achievements at this link


  • A New Hope: Earn All Trophies. (Platinum)
  • Kicking Back: Kill a phillak that has kicked you. (Bronze)
  • Collector: Collect all chests and secrets. (Gold)
  • Legendary Beasts: Defeat four mysterious creatures. (Silver)
  • Feel the Force: Unlock all Jedi skills. (Gold)
  • A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Complete all of BD-1’s holomaps. (Silver)
  • Trust Only In The Force: Complete the story. (Gold)
  • The Mantis: Join the crew. (Bronze)
  • A Long Time Ago: Discover the Bogano Vault. (Bronze)
  • The Obstacle is the Way: Complete the Tomb of Eilram. (Bronze)
  • Everything is Connected: Complete the Tomb of Miktrull. (Bronze)
  • The Holocron Awaits: Open the Vault. (Bronze)
  • Her Name was Masana Tide: Defeat the Ninth Sister. (Silver)
  • Visiting Alderaan Places: Explore the crashed Venator. (Bronze)
  • Gorgara Falls: Defeat the winged terror on Dathomir. (Silver)
  • For A More Civilized Age: Craft a lightsaber of your own. (Bronze)
  • I Knew He Was No Good: Defeat a former Jedi Master. (Silver)
  • Back At You: Defeat 50 enemies with reflected blaster bolts. (Bronze)
  • Perfect Timing: Parry 100 enemies. (Bronze)
  • Kickoff: Defeat an enemy using only kicks. (Bronze)
  • Triple Take: Defeat three enemies using a single lightsaber throw. (Bronze)
  • What Goes Around…: Defeat an enemy with their own Slowed blaster bolt. (Bronze)
  • Big Bang: Defeat 20 enemies with explosives. (Bronze)
  • Don’t Mess with BD-1: Defeat an enemy with a hacked droid. (Bronze)
  • Can’t Touch This: Precision Evade 100 attacks. (Silver)
  • Look Out Below: Send 25 enemies over the edge. (Bronze)
  • Not So Fast: Defeat 25 enemies while they are under the effect of Empowered Slow. (Bronze)
  • Bank Shot: Defeat an enemy by colliding them with another enemy. (Bronze)
  • Blade Master: Hit a single enemy with all lightsaber types. (Silver)
  • Cal Got Your Tongue?: Slice an oggdo’s tongue. (Bronze)
  • Medical Droid: Find all of BD-1’s stim canisters. (Silver)
  • Green Thumb: Have a fully grown terrarium. (Silver)
  • Full House: Recruit all possible crew members for the Mantis. (Bronze)
  • Data Disk: Find all of BD-1’s encrypted logs. (Bronze)
  • Sabersmith: Fully customize your lightsaber (Bronze)
  • The Full Glow-Up: Customize the look of Cal, BD-1, and the Mantis (Bronze)
  • Data Collector: Scan all enemy types (Silver)
  • Scum and Villainy: Defeat each type of Bounty Hunter (Silver)
  • Echo Location: Discover 75 Force Echoes (Bronze)

That’s quite a list that’s sure to keep people busy for a while, but there are some standouts there both story related and game-related. Let’s dive into three of them that really stand out.

The Full Glow-Up: This one is going to be something refreshing for everyone that felt the main character Cal Kestis seemed a bit underwhelming appearance-wise. For me, it was the outfit and the generic hairstyle. Even for someone not trying to stand out as a Jedi, I still want the often seen brown robes, and if possible to change up his hairstyle, that’s it. Now the extent of the character customization is still a bit unknown, but the image next to the trophy does show a full robed form so here’s hoping we can take Cal from rags to Jedi greatness in appearance.

I Knew He Was No Good: This achievement references a former Jedi Master, but who? There’s a handful of possibilities, narrowed down even further by the fact we know it’s a male. Does that leave any room for speculative guesses? Unfortunately no, it doesn’t. When you consider that Cal Kestis was created for Fallen Order, it’s not hard to imagine that this unknown former Jedi is also a new addition to the overarching Star Wars lore. Lore which is already in pieces thanks to Disney’s continuous retcons, so it’s hard to keep up at this point.

Sabersmith: This one is a bit of a reach, but I also don’t think it’s reaching too far, considering that we’ve already seen one in the game, but Sabersmith speaks of fully customizing your lightsaber. But more importantly, the imagery of the trophy is a double-bladed lightsaber. I don’t know about you all, but I’m all about that. The traditional sabers are great, but the double-bladed lightsaber has always been a favorite of mine since I first saw Darth Maul square off against Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.


After seeing that list, I’m actually looking forward to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order quite a bit more. Things like character customization should’ve been put out in front, instead with so many trailers focusing purely on the story side of thing we’re missing out on some of the different aspects of gameplay that people are curious about.