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After A Rough Few Days, ‘Gears 5’ To Offer Compensation To Players

  • The first few days of Gears 5 were very spotty for players.
  • Server issues now seem to be sorted out.
  • At the same time Gears 5 was having issues, so was Xbox Live in general.


To say that the first few days of Gears 5’s early access event were rough would be an understatement. Gamers found themselves with lobbies that would crash at random, an inability to connect to the servers, and latency issues. Considering that for early access you had to either be part of the Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate program, or preorder Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, players were fuming.

They were right to be upset, considering they’d paid early for a broken experience. As if that weren’t bad enough, over the weekend Microsoft’s Xbox Live service was suffering off and on problems, including a major outage. In an effort to make up for this, Gears 5 developer The Coalition issued a tweet that over the next couple days, players can expect compensation for the rough start.

With Gears 5 launching for everyone today though, the tweet doesn’t specify if it’s only early access players who get that compensation or if it’s just going to be blanketed to all users. The only thing we can be sure of is that we’ll find out soon.

Now that Gears 5 is actually playable though, people seem to be enjoying themselves, although there are still lingering criticisms around the game’s method of unlocking items, as well as aspects of the plot itself, but the gameplay seems as solid as ever. Gears 5 is available for purchase now for Xbox and PC, and if you buy it on Xbox you can play it on your PC as part of the Play Anywhere program from Microsoft.


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