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‘Airport Contraband’ Coming to Steam

  • Expected to release in Q3 2020.
  • Learn what it’s like to be the security at the airport.
  • Search people, packages, and even planes.


Developer DRAGO entertainment and publisher Movie Games S.A. will release their upcoming causal indie first person action simulation title Airport Contraband in Q3 2020 on PC via Steam. Players will take a hands on approach as a security officer at an airport, and it’s up to you to prevent contraband from entering, or exiting, the state or county. In the DevLog updates, which you can read here, the developers have confirmed that you’ll be able to enter plans to conduct searches, and they’ve given a glimpse of how it might look and feel.

Airport Contraband allows players to see another side of the airport then they’re used to. The concept comes from many of us being annoyed at airport security, but maybe we can better appreciate what they do, by experiencing part of it. Players will be placed in the different security roles that help keep the airports safe, which means you’ll be going on patrols, doing checks, searching for contraband, being mindful of suspicious passengers, and even inspect entire aircrafts.

There is balance as to how you conduct your personnel searches. You can’t just pull anyone aside to search, and if you do, you’ll be penalized. Players need to observe all those they come into contact with, and realize whether their actions are because they are nervous, or if they have something more sinister planned. Constantly annoying innocent passengers will cause your career to slowly go down the drain. At the same time, allowing guilty passengers to get away with their crimes will also ruin your career. Aside from the people, you need to ensure prohibited items don’t make it onto the plane. You’ll learn first hand how creative people can become to smuggle in items. Other features are as follows:

  • Upholding not only safety regulations, but also customs laws creates an in-depth gameplay element with a variety of tools and equipment to utilize. 
  • It’s not only what some passengers try to smuggle, but also how they try to do that adds an entertaining component into the mix.
  • Passengers queueing up for departure or arriving is not all that happens around an airport. There is a lot more to maintaining airport-wide security.
  • Look for what’s going on, trying to spot known suspects and mark all types of suspicious behaviors for your colleagues to follow up upon. 
  • Having a multitude of cameras and a dozen screens at your disposal allows you to oversee the vast expanse of the airport. 
  • Even the simplest of tasks might become challenging when time matters and it usually does. At an airport everything is on a tight schedule. 
  • You will have to perform your duties with predefined time frames in mind, otherwise you not only miss out on commendations, but are likely to gather penalties that will hamper your progress and career.
  • And tons more!

Are you excited for Airport Contraband? Will you be picking it up? How do you feel about all of these simulation titles? What would you like to see from the genre? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Light Tracer II: The Two Worlds, Flea Madness, and Doom Eternal. To stay up to date on Airport Contraband, make sure to follow the developers on YouTube, Facebook, and their official website.