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Amazon Deal of the Day: Metal Max Xeno (PS4)

  • Currently 53% off.
  • Remote Play feature with PS Vita available.
  • Customize and battle tanks.


The Metal Max series has been talked about a lot lately. While the original is being remade, you can pick up Metal Max Xeno on PlayStation 4 for only $18.99. That’s a savings of $21 and 53% off! Metal Max Xeno is a post-apocalyptic RPG where you’ll be able to collect and customize tanks. You then take these tanks and battle mutated monsters. If you have a PS Vita, you can use the Remote Play feature.

Features & details

  • Style Your Tanks – Explore the barren desert, salvage new tanks, and upgrade them using over hundreds of parts! Customize your tanks with fresh paint and the strongest firepower you can find.
  • Fight for Humanity – The world has been devastated by a mother computer in its plan to eradicate humankind. Explore the vast desert and unite with remaining survivors to rise against crazed machines and deadly mutants.
  • Hold Your Ground – NOA’s forces will track you down wherever you are! Make a preemptive strike from inside your tank when your foes appear, or disembark and explore dangerous strongholds on foot with your allies.

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