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Amazon Deal of the Day: ’The Surge 2’

  • Amazon Prime shipping available.
  • Currently 33% off.
  • Discount available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Who doesn’t like hard games? Dark Souls rose to popularity and inspired a subgenre of games due to its strong gameplay and respect for a player’s skills. One of these games is The Surge 2. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to pick it up, Amazon has got you covered! Right now you can get The Surge 2 for $39.94 on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. That’s 33% off the regular price of $59.99, and a savings of $20.05. If you happen to be an Amazon Prime Member, you’ll have you copy delivered in two days.

Features & details:

  • Hardcore, brutal melee combat.
  • Face deadly foes and colossal bosses.
  • Cut off parts of the enemy you want to loot.
  • Rich character progression and customization.

The Surge 2 takes place as your plane is shot down as you make your way to Jericho City. You crash-land in the outskirts and awaken weeks later in a derelict detention facility inside the city. From here, it’s fight against futuristic armored enemies and exploring the vast city. The Surge 2 has a mechanic where, if an enemy is wearing a piece of armor you want, you attack that limb and they’ve dropped it. You can then equip it, and this provides plenty of different armor options you can use to make your perfect build.

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