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‘Apex Legends’ Patch 1.1.1 Gives Some Love to Thicc Bois and Sniping

  • New passive perks to make thicc bois more durable.
  • Sniper weapons improved functionality. 
  • Battle Pass Bonus XP event.

The most recent content update for Apex Legends, Patch 1.1.1, comes with balance tweaks for both weapons and Legends, as well as a new Battle Pass event for bonus XP. In addition to these changes, the developers addressed player concerns that were not part of the patch, saying “We are actively working on many improvements and we’re aware of the reports around audio issues, slow mo servers, hit registration, and more.”

The primary balance concern Respawn wanted to address with this patch was how their “beloved Thicc Bois (Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic) were getting crushed due to their hitbox size compared to other Legends.” Initially, these hitboxes were were redrawn to more accurately fit character models, but while this seemed to work well for Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic were still getting shredded. Now in patch 1.1.1, Gibraltar and Caustic will receive a new perk for their passive: fortified, which reduces all incoming damage by 10%. Respawn is hoping that this change will be sufficient to give their thicc bois the boost they need, but added that “Over the week or two following this change, we will be watching how they perform with this additional protection and aggressively tune it if they are still underpowered relative to their size. Our goal is to ensure both Legends are viable picks by the end of this process.”

Aside from Legend balance, Respawn is giving an overall buff to sniping in 1.1.1. “Given the semi-auto and low damage nature of our current sniper suite,” they say, “coupled with the general speed and evasiveness of many Legend kits, it already takes several challenging shots to down someone at range.” As a result, they have reduced general sniper weapon sway, scaled back the damage reduction on leg shots, and buffed the Longbow DRM to make it more effective at range.

Lastly, there is a new Battle Pass Bonus XP event: “From approximately 10AM PST 4/16 through approximately 10AM PST 4/18, your first Top 5 of the day (your squad places 5th or better in a match) will grant you 1 full bonus Battle Pass Level (29,500 BPP), up to a max of level 110. You can earn this once per day.”

You can read the patch notes in their entirety as they were posted by Respawn on the official subreddit. One final change mentioned was that the jump ship now flies 50% faster, so players that prefer to drop later along its flight path may do so more quickly.

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  1. a thing about caustic, his canisters, they get taken out with 1 shot from anything, making his ability rather useless. sure 1 shot gives it away, but i think it should be 5 shots from a gun rather then 1 shot. giving there position clearly away when they shoot.

  2. Ever since the update the Longbow has been the new Wingman, the thing can be devastating at almost any range. A bit difficult when in close quarters, but in the right hands it is even deadly there.

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