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April Update for ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Lands 4/23

  • Return of Leif and Redd.
  • Art gallery returning to museum.
  • Nature Day event runs 4/23 through 5/4.

For days now, we’ve been wondering what is in store for the April update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was revealed last month that the April update would bring us an Earth Day celebration, and it would feature the return of Leif the Sloth with a green thumb and all the supplies you need to really bring your town to life with plant life. Beyond that though, there wasn’t much revealed. A few days ago I talked about what I speculated the update would bring in an effort to flesh out the celebration. Well, we finally have some answers, and the first answer is that the April Update will be coming one day after Earth Day.

In a new trailer running just under two minutes, Nintendo dives into the April update, as well as gives a glance at some of the things coming in the near future. I hope you’re ready to get excited because Nintendo is showing that our island life living in New Horizons is only just starting. You can catch the trailer below, and then we’ll dive into some of the key points of the trailer.


Beginning on April 23rd, you’re going to start seeing some new faces coming to the island. We’ve already spoken about Leif, and indeed he’s going to be coming with a portable version of his shop now that he’s taken his show on the road. Be sure to stop by and pick up your flower seeds, and more importantly for those who have been wanting to make hedges and plant flower bushes are finally going to get their wishes answered.

Leif’s arrival coincides with the beginning of the Nature Day (previously called Earth Day during the Nintendo Mini-Direct) event which will run from April 23rd through May 5th, bringing new nature-based challenges to earn Nook Miles. For those who are always on the grind to stock up on Nook Miles, this should be just what you’re looking for for that extra boost.

But of course, Leif isn’t the only merchant coming to town. Off the coast you may spy a rather unsightly ship, shady to say the least. As it turns out, the mischievous fox Redd has returned with his assortment of real and counterfeit artworks to sell. Keep a close eye on what you’re buying, the fox is notorious for his tricks in past titles and while he may have a new way of getting around you know what they say about old habits dying hard.

The introduction of Redd’s artwork means you’ll need a place to proudly display the real works, right? Then you’ll be happy to learn that Blather’s will be opening up a new wing in the museum dedicated to the different cultural flavors through the years. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to filling up another wing of the museum with artwork once again.

Players can also look ahead to May 1st through the 7th with May Day tours. You might notice what appears to be Rover in the background on this particular island! Rover, like Leif, Redd, and others have been MIA during the launch of New Horizons but it’s clear Nintendo is well aware of the demand for our curious feline friend who greeted us in prior games on our way to town. But wait, there’s more!

  • International Museum Day Event: 5/18-5/31
  • Wedding Season: 6/1-6/30

With previous titles of Animal Crossing, we fell into the routine pretty quickly. Nintendo appears to be trying to shake things up, using the Switch to its advantage and a greater focus on online connectivity to provide plenty of major updates down the line. Animal Crossing: New Horizons shipped as a loaded game, and a year from now who knows what we’ll be looking at. In the short term, get your watering cans and shovels ready for Nature Day beginning April 23rd.