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‘Arc of Alchemist’ Releasing in Early 2020

  • Brings all of the updates from the Japanese release.
  • Nintendo Switch version is digital only.
  • Now able control all party members.


Publisher Idea Factory International has announced they will handle the Arc of Alchemist release in North America and Europe. This is for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 releases scheduled for 2020. Nintendo Switch owners will only have a digital option, while PlayStation 4 players in Europe will have physical option.

The publisher also announced that the new features added to the Japanese Nintendo Switch in October will be present in both new 2020 versions. This includes the ability to play over seven possible characters and updated system features. The new features are as follows:

  • Control All Party Members – Control all party members, not just Quinn. Freely form your party and enjoy battle and field traversal while operating your favorite character. Whether it is Sharon, who can attack a group of enemies in one swoop from a distance, or Sandra, who specializes in defense, each character has their own unexpected quirks.
  • Easier to Play – By adding high-value items that can be converted into money, it is now easier to fully realize your base, making character development easier as well. Some user interface elements have also been adjusted.

Play as the chosen captain for this mission Quinn Bravesford. Quinn leads her soldiers into battle against the wrath of enemy nations with the Lunagear, an ancient alchemist device. Collecting the four orbs will unlock the Great Power, but only in legends. Quinn goes on a journey to collect the orbs and save humanity.

Players will be able to explore the Desert of Beginnings with updated system UIs and new bases that are designed to make character leveling easier. Each playable character has weapons and abilities they specialized with. The Lunagear allows you to combine two of the four elemental orbs: Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. You’ll be able to manipulate organic and mechanical environments to provide new pathways and reach hidden areas.

When not in battle, you have access to a base to strategize and upgrade. Customize troop formations and set each character’s battle tactics to suit your needs. Switch out orbs in your Lunagear that’ll benefit the area you’ll be battling in. All of the character’s equipment can be changed and upgraded. You’ll be able to assign active and passive abilities and boost character stats.

Arc of Alchemist reminds me a lot of Bravely Default. If you’ve played them both, are they similar? Also, would you recommend Arc of Alchemist? To stay up to date, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.