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Are ForgeWorld Products Worth The Money?

By now you know I’m a huge fan of Warhammer 40,000. What began as a way to get my mind off a troubling event in my life, became a full blown hobby. I don’t know how much money I’ve sunk into it this past year alone, but I know some would consider it “too much.”

Let’s get things straight: it’s not a cheap hobby. You can get some things cheaper depending on where you get them, sure, but there are some things you absolutely have to get at the official stores or websites. The opinions on the products from ForgeWorld are varied. Some sing high praises of the product lines available, while others think they are overpriced and of a lower quality than the price tag reflects. To a point, I’d say both parties are right.

The quality on the ForgeWorld products I’ve had the chance to work with have been sublime. For me, it’s not the quality that’s in question. But sometimes the costs can get… pretty out there.

A Legion Fellblade costs about $275. It’s a mostly resin kit, with parts from the plastic Baneblade from Games Workshop that retails at $140 that make up the interior frame of the Fellblade. It’s a solid, sturdy kit with an incredible amount of detail and it’s a meaty addition to any Adeptus Astartes force. It’s also not that great during the current 8th edition.

For me, building and painting is 3/4th’s of the fun, so the price tag doesn’t make me waiver much. To someone trying to make a competitive list, though, the cost of a Fellblade in both real-world price and in-game points may make people feel like it’s not worth it.

It’s a common theme with a lot of ForgeWorld products, where more often than not it seems to favor the hobbyist side of Warhammer over the tabletop side. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if the gameplay side of things is secondary to building and painting your army, but the fact of the matter is most people are here for the game. Those who play Warhammer 40k’s tabletop counterpart Horus Heresy may feel differently, as many of the units that can be used in both tend to fair better in Horus Heresy.

The only time I find ForgeWorld’s pricing to be gouging is actually in its smaller items.

Do you want a special set of doors for your tanks? You’ll likely be paying $22.

A set of shoulderpads? 10 of them will set you back another $18.

Individual weapons for Contemptor Dreadnoughts cost $16 to $21 a piece, with the bodies of the Contemptor being $56.

Selling bodies and weapons separately, in my opinion, is a bit shady, and I don’t care how awesome the end product looks, I could never see paying potentially over $100 on a single dreadnought. To put that in perspective, that would make a single dreadnought cost 2/3 of the cost of most Warhammer 40k box sets, which usually have a generous amount of units in them.

This same method of pricing weapons and bodies separately shows up in ForgeWorld’s massive Titan line, but I let that one slide only because of the overall size of the bodies and the weapons, each making themselves individual over-time projects to work on.

I’m not hating on ForgeWorld. I love their product lines and I think they’re of an outstanding quality. But there are some aspects to their pricing that do feel predatory and most of those are centered around the extra bells and whistles that can be added onto kits you already own.

In the case of the Contemptor Dreadnoughts, I can’t abide that pricing method. If there was a base kit with starting weapons at $56, that’d be one thing, but the body alone and then buying all the weapons separately is something I frown upon. ForgeWorld is for those with money burning a hole in their pocket–it’s not always practical purchases. You can build an entire army without ever even looking at the ForgeWorld line.

For as much as I enjoy the building and painting sure, it’s worth the cost on most items, but for the people showing up just for the game–absolutely not.

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