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Arr Mateys, a New Sea of Thieves Update Is Across Open Waters

  • Wrap up your January Gilded Voyages while you can.
  • Crews of Rage is just around the corner.
  • Crews of Rage teased, along with other announcements.

When 2020 rolled around, one of the games I wanted to get back into was Sea of Thieves. When the game first launched back in 2018 I fell in love with the thrill of sailing open waters and indulging in my inner pirate, pushing through both player conflicts and whatever the game could throw at me on my quest to become a pirate legend. There was one small problem, however, and that came in the form that once you made it big, then what? The reward for doing everything there was to do, was to keep doing everything there was to do. After so many treasure chests found, skeletons slain, fortresses dominated and ships sank, I needed a break. That break lasted a year and a half, so when I came back there was a lot to dig back into.

I came in at a good time as last month as part of the monthly update, players could embark on a lengthy quest chain that would be a huge payday if they succeeded. It’s part of Rare’s new approach to player content that includes monthly updates to ensure there’s always something going on, and they’ve even started weaving in a slow-growing narrative as something wicked seems to be coming to Sea of Thieves.

In a new Sea of Thieves News video from the official Sea of Thieves YouTube account, a lot of things have been teased including one feature of the Crews of Rage update that is currently slated to hit on February 19th. You can check out the full video below:


The highlights of the video without a doubt are the introduction of the ability to change your pirate’s appearance for a small fee, more work being done on the swordplay side of the combat within the game, and the Chests of Rage.

If you’ve played Sea of Thieves already, then chances are you’re well acquainted with the Chests of Sorrow. These seemingly mundane chests quickly become a bane to the novice pirate as at random it can begin crying and as the tears flow it can flood your ship. Groups of players have found ways around the bulk of the danger by having someone dedicated to hanging off the side of the ship with the chest on their back when it starts crying. The Chests of Rage will not be so easily bested. Chests of Rage are prone to exploding into flames at random, players will be responsible for having water on hand to keep it from erupting their ships into an inferno. But the standout feature about it is the fact that trying to submerge it in water (i.e. flooding the lower deck of your ship) won’t prevent it from erupting but rather make the water below start boiling so yes, it’s still a threat to you and your crew.

The theme of fire isn’t one that’s exactly new to Sea of Thieves, first introduced in the form of the Forsaken Shores which is an incredibly dangerous region to sail with active volcanoes, volatile geysers, and even boiling water temperatures at times. Keeping that in mind, will the Crews of Rage update give players more reason to travel to the Forsaken Shores? Is Crews of Rage a reference to a new hostile faction or to the players themselves? We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled and our pegleg steady, the seas are about to get rough next week.