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    Clash of Clans 2019 Summer Update

    To start out, here is a brief overview of the Clash of Clans’ June 2019 Summer Update. League Shop price changes: Training potions are now 10x league medals, new Research potion that gives 10x speed for an hour is available for sale at 20x medals, and Builder potions now cost 30x medals. League Shop change:…

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    Freaky Friday: The Horrors of DUSK

    You wake in an enclosed room, with only sickles to protect yourself. Three silhouettes loom in the darkness as you slip into reality. Silence lingers before a disembodied voice echoes, “Kill the intruder.” The assailants emerge from the shadows, wielding chainsaws. As they charge forward to claim your head, panic takes over. Flailing the sickles…