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Posts by Ben Latimore

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    Crash Generation: Looking Back at Burnout

    Criterion Games’ track record is unmistakable. They’ve been making PC games since 1996, notably putting out niche but respected racer TrickStyle and futureboarding AirBlade. But in 2001, they began work on a series of titles that would eventually blow those and a lot of other racing games out of the water. Burnout has humble beginnings,…

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    Feeling the Heat, Strolling the Streets, with Spirit Like a Dragon: What Makes Yakuza Special

    The entirety of the Yakuza series (known as “Ryu Ga Gotoku” in Japan, lit. Like a Dragon) released to this point follows the tale of Kazuma Kiryu, organized-crime-footsoldier-turned-orphanage-runner as he butts heads with the numerous seedy underbellies of Japan. Fifteen years and seven mainline entries later, Kiryu’s story has been well and truly wrapped up….

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    Revisiting the Virtual Boy’s Library

    Since the original Entertainment System, Nintendo has put out mostly classic consoles, with millions upon millions of sales, diverse libraries and nostalgic feelings among the kids (and big kids) of each and every generation since the 80s. Note how I said mostly. Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, released in 1995 to little fanfare, sold poorly, and definitely…

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    Exploring Japan’s Indie Game Scene

    The entire world has a scattering of independent game developers; everywhere from the United States to smaller African nations have individuals and small teams working towards making their own games without interference from larger publishers. One of the largest, yet lesser known, scenes is the Japanese market; there is a metric ton of output in…

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    Let’s Talk About the Epic Games Store

    It’s not an easy topic to breach. It seems like whatever community you go into, you’re likely to find someone who will endlessly defend the store to the hilt of a blade, or happily run through anyone who dares utter a positive word. This leads to a lot of misinformation on just what use the…

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    5 MORE Underexposed VR Games

    Previously, we took a look at five VR games that don’t really get much time in the spotlight just due to the depth and width of the VR game library, and now, because there’s always more treasure in them there hills, we’ll be taking it on again with five more titles from across the VR…