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Posts by Ben Latimore

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    5 MORE Underexposed VR Games

    Previously, we took a look at five VR games that don’t really get much time in the spotlight just due to the depth and width of the VR game library, and now, because there’s always more treasure in them there hills, we’ll be taking it on again with five more titles from across the VR…

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    One Weird Way To Start Your Warhammer 40,000 Journey

    In the grim darkness of the far future, there are a hundred different ways to start down the rabbit hole that is Warhammer 40,000. You have the tabletop game, with its dozens of miniatures, eight different editions, constant spinoffs, and plastic-crack level of cash holes. There are half a dozen other tabletop games, a 50-book…

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    Total Carnage—A F*cking Crazy Sequel

    What arcade game does Mortal Combat, Robocop, and NBA Jam have in common? The Midway published 1991 spiritual successor to Smash TV: Total Carnage. As for how those three things are related though…well, for that, you’ll need some history. Designer Eugene Jarvis started his career with scrolling shooter Defender and sequel Stargate, then went on…

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    5 Underexposed VR Games

    Despite being a fairly new market, the library of virtual reality games across the Steam and PlayStation markets is already fairly diverse, with enough games that you can make a reasonable top 250 list of VR games on Steam and not have much in the way of full-blown shovelware. Unfortunately this means that some games…

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    The Modern World of Interactive Fiction

    Back in an age of computers that could barely hold this webpage in memory without dying a grisly death, the written word was often the only way to get in depth puzzles, characters, and stories in your game. As computers became more capable, the text adventure eventually fell out of favor, replaced eventually by more…

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    Titanfall 2 Was a Massive “Disappointment”

    I understand how thoroughly I’m going against the hivemind of the internet with this opinion, but you must understand before you read these complaints that I was a massive fan of the original Titanfall. I got up to fourth regeneration (prestige), twice. I unlocked practically everything and continued to play after I did. The only…