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Posts by Brian Schuchert

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    5 Video Game TV Shows in the Works

    Previously, we’ve covered the games that are being made for the big screen. But the movie theater isn’t the only place Hollywood wants to bring video games. They want to bring video games to… the living room! You know, the place where you play video games! Because why would we want to play games when…

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    5 Underappreciated Game Sequels

    When it comes to my personal enjoyment of games, something I’ve learned in recent years is that I have a better experience if I go into them without expectations. Unfortunately, it’s not reasonable to take this approach with sequels. The very nature of them implies that they will not be judged on their own merits….

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    When Does Realism Count?

    One of the biggest appeals to video games and fictional experiences in general is that we can leave the real world behind. Besides the joy of gaming, we game to get away from the stresses of everyday life for awhile and immerse ourselves in another world. After all, to be considered escapism, we must be…

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    Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Impressions

    Taking part in an alpha test is an enticing experience. It makes you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club, handling top secret information not yet ready for the masses. I had the pleasure of taking part in Midnight Ghost Hunt’s alpha test from August 23rd – 25th, and the short of it is…

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    5 Remasters that Made the Original Game Worse

    The medium of video games is the most susceptible to the test of time. As technology progresses, older games are overshadowed by the graphical improvements and design niceties of future releases. Sometimes, they are left behind by outdated hardware or operating systems and need emulators or fan-made mods to function properly. Other times, they aren’t…