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Posts by Brian Schuchert

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    5 Remasters that Made the Original Game Worse

    The medium of video games is the most susceptible to the test of time. As technology progresses, older games are overshadowed by the graphical improvements and design niceties of future releases. Sometimes, they are left behind by outdated hardware or operating systems and need emulators or fan-made mods to function properly. Other times, they aren’t…

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    What Makes a Good Scare?

    You’ve been there: looking down a staircase into a spooky basement, feeling the anticipation, jumping at every slight sound as you descend into a nightmare. Before long, it grows quiet, save for the sound of your footsteps. Except you didn’t notice because you’re too busy seeing things in the dark that aren’t there. Then, as…

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    Guide: The Best Way to Play Mass Effect 1 on PC

    Mass Effect 1 is a classic action-RPG from BioWare. For me and many fans, it’s dripping with nostalgia, and the branching plotlines you can explore give it a lot of replay value. However, as an almost 12-year old game, its visuals are surprisingly dated, even when compared with other games that came out around the…

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    Is Early Access Good for Gamers?

    When Early Access launched on Steam in March of 2013, Valve’s press release stated that the goal was “to support and encourage developers who want to ship early, involve customers, and build lasting relationships that help everyone make better games.” They went on to proclaim, “This is the way games should be made.” But is…