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    The 3 Worst Civilization Games

    Sid Meier’s Civilization is beloved by millions of people, and rightfully so. Few other games manage to combine gameplay principles that actually manage to provide knowledge about the world that we live in with such addictive fun. Diplomacy, war, research, resource management, strategy and tactics, the Civ franchise has it all. Naturally, some iterations of…

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    The 3 Best Civilization Games

    Having just written about the three worst Civilization entries, and shedding one or two virtual tears over it because they are all great games at their core, it is my absolute pleasure to now present to you the three best Civilization games. Turn-based strategy is one of the oldest genres in computer gaming, and the…

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    Why Brand Loyalty Serves No One – Consumerism 101

    Fanboys. We all heard the term, and some of us may even use it on a regular basis. What is a fanboy? In the case of gaming, it is a person that blindly, and often contrary to available information, defends a company, franchise, or game. Fanboyism can be described by another term, ‘brand loyalty,’ and…

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    5 RPGs You Need to Have Played Before You Reach 0 HP

    RPGs have been a staple of gaming almost since the dawn of home computers and consoles. Today, I present to you my favorite five RPGs, both old and new. Of course, you may not agree with my choices, which is fine. Everyone is wrong about something, after all! #5–Arcanum Political correctness is not part of…