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    The Gems of Microprose: A True Giant of Gaming

    Much of my early gamer days in my childhood, especially the part of my childhood when I played on the original IBM PC with 4.77Mhz was dominated by one company, Microprose. The company, founded by Bill Stealey and Sid Meier himself, produced some genre-defining games whose echoes can still be felt today. Unfortunately, the gates…

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    3 Hyped MMOs You Can No Longer Play

    The demise of an MMORPG is always sad. Gamers spend days, weeks, and years of their life immersed in their favorite fantasy and sci-fi worlds. They nurture their characters, level them, experience joy and wonders with them. And then, one day, their character dies, forever vanishing in the endless void of digital non-existence. If that’s…

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    The Gaming Post-Apocalypse: Life in the Year 2069

    Hello, gamers. I’m writing you from the year 2069. I don’t have much time, as my Google-Now subscription only allows for five minutes of text communication every day. You must know, bandwidth is a rare good where I come from. Most of the data running through the digital veins of our planet is now used…

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    How Hard Is It to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign?

    Kickstarter. What a beautiful concept. Instead of funding your dream through corporate money, which always comes with corporate demands, you can fund your games directly by the help of the very people you’re making the game for. It brings your game to the forefront instead of presenting it to a couple of suits in the…

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    The 3 Worst Civilization Games

    Sid Meier’s Civilization is beloved by millions of people, and rightfully so. Few other games manage to combine gameplay principles that actually manage to provide knowledge about the world that we live in with such addictive fun. Diplomacy, war, research, resource management, strategy and tactics, the Civ franchise has it all. Naturally, some iterations of…

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    The 3 Best Civilization Games

    Having just written about the three worst Civilization entries, and shedding one or two virtual tears over it because they are all great games at their core, it is my absolute pleasure to now present to you the three best Civilization games. Turn-based strategy is one of the oldest genres in computer gaming, and the…