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Posts by Gavin Annand

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    GOG Galaxy 2.0 (Closed Beta) Analysis

    GOG has always been the underdog in the digital distribution scene. From their origins in 2008 as classic games distributor Good Old Games, GOG has gone from strength to strength while staying true to their core philosophy of DRM-free gaming. As a subsidiary of industry darling CD Projekt, it isn’t a surprise that GOG mirrors…

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    Top 5 Console Ports Never Made

    I’ve primarily been a PC gamer throughout my life, and I think that’s a good thing. I’ve always had access to a huge selection of brilliant games, with (for the most part) a more diverse selection of styles and genres. These days, multi-platform releases constitute a significant portion of games released, if not the majority….

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    What Makes a Good Quest?

    You’re a level 1 warrior who has just walked into the local tavern, wearing naught but some poor-quality leather armor and carrying a rusty dagger and an old buckler. As you approach the bar, the tavern keeper tells you that unfortunately, there isn’t any ale; the cellar is overrun with rats–20 of them, to be…

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    Exclusively Games Interview with Doomguy

    The Doom series has long been a cultural phenomenon, one that has transcended the world of gaming and garnered recognition in wider entertainment culture. The series revolutionized game design, and set a technical benchmark for game engines. It also made celebrities of the devs behind it – John Carmack, John Romero, American McGee – but…

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    Cloud Gaming and its Concerning Implications

    As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a fan of collecting old big box PC games. Not only that, but I love playing classic games, and I am a huge supporter of the abandonware community, who through their tireless efforts have managed to preserve our digital history long after the ruthless games industry has forgotten them in…

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    The Finest Bytes [Part 2] 5 In-Game Eateries

    Welcome, my dear readers, to the second iteration of The Finest Bytes! For those of you joining us for your first culinary quest, I am Brock Stroganoff Esquire, and I bid you prepare your palate for a most palatial pilgrimage. And to those of you returning from our first outing, I commend you for demonstrating…

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    Who Needs a Gamepad? We Have the Best of PC Platformers

    The console is, justifiably so, the home of the 2D platformer, largely thanks to its native control scheme, the gamepad. It’s no surprise that the genre has always flourished on consoles, particularly in the early to mid-1990s. But with the total dominance of Sonic and Mario, it’s easy to forget the huge influence that the…

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    I had a LAN Party, and It Was Awesome.

    Many years ago, in roughly 2003-04, as I lugged a heavy 17” CRT monitor and cream-colored PC case into the back of a friend’s Toyota, I didn’t realize that this would be the last LAN party I would attend for 15 years. Internet cafes were becoming more common and affordable, and without any of the…

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    Top 10 Star Wars Games

    A long time ago (in a galaxy far… no, I won’t do it), Star Wars games were regarded as some of the finest games you could find, across multiple genres. Under the guidance of LucasArts, with occasional input from respected developers like BioWare, Totally Games, Pandemic Studios, and Raven Software, Star Wars games have provided…