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    Top 5 Games Based on Books

    The makers of video games wisely seek inspiration from various sources, such as films, TV shows, other games and comic books. As all of these are visual media, they are sometimes a ready ‘fit’ for video games. But what about basing games on non-visual media, such as a book? How well would this work? In…

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    Must Have Black Friday Deals

    Get out your overnight camping gear and sharpen your elbows, it’s that time of year again, the annual spendathon of Black Friday. We at Exclusively Games have created a list of the best Black Friday bargains to help you get the most bang for your buck. Since competition among retailers for the contents of your…

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    10 Levels and Games Set Inside Something’s Body

    Many games aim to create immersion by sucking you in to their game world. Some games go one step further, by sucking you into something that lives inside said game world. The following are ten (rather squishy) games, or levels therein, that take place inside something’s body. #10–Fantastic Voyage [1982] The 1966 film Fantastic Voyage…

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    6 MORE Video Game Franchises that Devolved Over Time

    Welcome back, everyone! In our previous article, we asked you, our dear readers, to suggest other video game franchises that you felt had devolved or went downhill over time. The response was fantastic, and we were inundated with excellent suggestions. So many suggestions, in fact, that we have created a follow-up article. And here it…

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    Emulation – A Post Mortem

    If, like me, you are ‘getting on a bit,’ you may have fond memories of video arcades and the games you used to play on the early consoles and home computers, such as the Atari 2600, NES, ZX Spectrum, or Commodore Amiga. You may then, like me, find yourself getting misty-eyed and nostalgic for these…

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    8 Gameplay Mechanics I Wish More FPS Games Used

    How many times have you played an immersive FPS only to have your immersion wrecked by the game doing something stupid? If you are anything like me, the answer would be TOO BLOODY MANY! Many games prevent you from doing things that are trivial in real life. This is infuriating, especially when you know of…

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    3 Video Game Franchises that Devolved Over Time

    Film sequels are usually inferior to the first film in the franchise. The possible exceptions being Aliens, Terminator 2, and The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. A film sequel that is simply ‘More of the same but with better CGI’ will usually be panned by critics and filmgoers alike, and rightly so. Video…