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Posts by Rick "Hobbes" Huddy

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    Ducati World Championship

    Some games take hours before a decision can be made. Some take just minutes. Some games are glorious. Some… … some are just hideous. Ducati World Championship is the most putrid, plagueridden piece of decomposed penile tissue I have had the misfortune to review. I wish that was hyperbole. It’s the gaming equivalent of lutefisk….

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    The Epic Games Store is Not Our Savior

    So, let’s preface this with the statement I think everyone secretly knows, but often doesn’t put out in the open. Steam, as in the client, and Valve, as in the company, are collectively a bit crap. Not a lot crap—not evil—but crap. They lack the baked-in malevolence of say Activision or EA, and they lack…

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    $60 for a New Game? You Sure About That?

    It’s a refrain we hear from big budget developers extensively as of late—that games have not risen with inflation and that they need those extra microtransactions to make a title profitable—and as newer models of monetization take over from older ones, it’s a refrain we’re hearing more and more regularly. How accurate is it though?…