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    Apex Legends: The Character Purchase System

    Upon its sudden and explosive launch, Apex Legends sported a small, yet incredibly diverse, roster of eight characters. While six of them were available for free, there were two characters who were available for purchase. These two characters, Mirage and Caustic, are not inherently better than their six fellow champions, but they are locked behind…

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    Sony’s Walled Garden: A Foolish Approach

    Everyone loves a good online experience in their multiplayer games. Whether you’re playing alone, with friends, or against friends, the saying still stands: “The more, the merrier.” Recently, the biggest push in the online-multiplayer sphere has been cross-play and cross-progression. This is a system that would allow players across consoles and PC systems to play…

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    Why 2019 is the Year to Revisit No Man’s Sky

    When people think of the worst video game launch of all time, there are a few games that immediately come to mind. Fallout 76. The Culling 2. Aliens: Colonial Marines. And No Man’s Sky. For the most part, these games remain in a dilapidated state, if they remain active at all. One key exception to…