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Posts by Xavier Geitz

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    Story Urgency vs Freedom of Exploration

    Every gamer has a preference when it comes to video games, a mechanic or feature that they value above the others. For me, I really enjoy good stories and the ability to explore the game world that I am currently in freely. Unfortunately, those things regularly conflict with one another. In Jade Empire, I read…

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    The 10 Best Video Game Review Channels on YouTube

    Growing up, I had subscriptions to all the video game magazines. Tips & Tricks, GamePro, Game Informer, Nintendo Power, Xbox Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, the works. I was close with the librarians in my high school, and at the end of every school year, they’d let me have all the back issues of PC Gamer…

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    EA and 2k are Killing the Sports Genre

    In my 20+ years of gaming, I have known some pretty hardcore sports gamers. Back in the days when the Fight Night games were still a thing, I knew guys who would play the Career/Legacy mode of those games until they became undisputed world champion. Of every weight class. I have never been one such…

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    5 Video Games I Want to See Remade/Remastered

    A lot of video games that I played as a kid have unfortunately been lost in the void of time. Games that I think a lot of gamers of the new generation would enjoy. Or maybe I’m just a selfish, nostalgia-riddled twenty-something wanting to see some of my childhood favorites made with current-gen technology. Probably…

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    Fable Anniversary Could’ve Revived the Series

    The release of a new generation of consoles is always an exciting thing. With a new generation comes stronger hardware, new console exclusives, and for me, most importantly, the hope that new life gets breathed into your favorite video game franchises. And the franchise that I’d most like to see come back from the dead…

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    5 Walkthrough Pet Peeves

    For some, walkthroughs are good for watching the story mode of a new title that you can’t afford at the moment or aren’t interested enough to get yourself. For others, it’s a way to get a better understanding of a game they’ve been having trouble with, or just an enjoyable way to pass the time…