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Posts by Shadar

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    Of orcs and men

    I actually played Styx: master of shadows first before I got my hands on Of orcs and men in the PS Now which finally has come to Sweden. I am usually quite o.c.d. when it comes to playing games in correct order for the story. I made an exception for Styx: master of shadows since…

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    Bloodrayne: betrayal

    A new Bloodrayne game? I was both surprised and excited. I really like the first game. The checking off your kills on a photographic list. The combination of guns and cool looking blades was awesome. And come on, have you seen a game with a three-way final battle, everyone against everyone with special events depending…

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    Heavenly Sword

    I have really been diving in the PS Now world. It almost feels like I am earning money by beating a lot of games when contrasted against the monthly payments. I had this scratching feeling in the back of my head that I told myself long time ago to play Heavenly Sword if the opportunity…