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Battle Royale Comes To ‘Civilization VI’

  • Post-apocalyptic theme.
  • Up to 12 player matches.
  • Free for all ‘Civilization VI’ owners.


Tired of battle royale modes yet? If your answer was no, there’s something new for you to dabble in. Although, even if your answer was yes, you still might want to check this out. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI has received a new, free update called Red Death. A mode available for 2 to 12 players, whether they be other humans or AI, Red Death takes players to a world after an apocalypse.

Instead of building a civilization from the ground up, you manage a faction in a high stakes survival as you fight for the last remaining resources. You live as nomads, with different types of combat units surrounding a non-combatant group. You have to keep that group protected, think of them as your flag. If they die, you lose. If that wasn’t enough, as you try to build up your forces an encroaching wall of death surrounds you: the Red Death itself. The play area will get smaller and smaller, making alliances for any length of time unlikely. Survival is the name of the game, and there can be only one at the end of the Red Death.

In addition to the new mode itself, the maps have a much bleaker appearance to them and you’ll even see things like mutants, post-apocalyptic pirates, and plenty of existing units redesigned to look like something out of Mad Max or the Orks of the Warhammer: 40,000 setting at some points. So while it’s battle royale, its a different flavor of battle royale. It looks pretty fun too, based on the trailer for the update. I never would’ve expected to see a mode like this in a strategy game, but in 2019 it seems like battle royale modes in different ways are just an inevitability. But for a free update, I certainly can’t complain too much about it. Although as strange as a battle royale mode in Civilization can be, it’s still not as strange as the fan made [Cell]ivization, a game made using Microsoft Excel that was reported on previously.