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Between The Lines: Season Two Intro for ‘Modern Warfare’ Nods to the Future

  • “Price, something’s wrong in Verdansk.”
  • When times get desperate, people turn on eachother.
  • Despite earlier claims by Infinity Ward, it looks like we’re getting a battle royale mode.

With Season Two of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare well underway, players are diving into another round of ranking up and dishing out chaos on virtual battlefields. There are more tiers, more officer ranks, more content to unlock. Though once the initial excitement wears off, people have been quick to notice that Season Two’s biggest feature is something hiding in plain sight. When players boot up the game for the first time after the update, they’re treated to a new cutscene that gives some more narrative context to the update (the same thing was done with season one). 

Although this time, it’s a cutscene many people missed or didn’t experience fully as a background shader update that made the cutscene choppy or put the audio out of sync. Yes, months later and it still looks like at least the new cutscenes are still prone to being a mess for some players. For those who were able to experience it in full though they came to notice it wasn’t just narrative fluff or an introduction for Ghost, it was a teaser for a highly requested mode. You can check out the cutscene below.


At first, the most obvious parts of the teaser is the camera angles while the squad of soldiers moves through an airport terminal, a callback to both Modern Warfare 2 as well as a reimagined version of the multiplayer map Terminal of the same name. It’s later in the trailer as Ghost speaks that the real teaser really starts to take hold:

Price, something’s wrong in Verdansk. They’re targetting their own, we need to find out why. Send fighters I can trust, Ghost out.

The camera pans out to a scene of all-out warfare that features a massive map that encompasses all of Verdansk. As soldiers parachute in to reinforce their comrades below, in the distance we can see a chemical weapon has been unleashed and is encroaching on the battlefield. What we’re seeing is almost certainly a battle royale scenario. Why is this a big deal in the context of Modern Warfare? Black Ops 4 had it, many expected it this time around at some point. However many people, myself included, didn’t think it’d be occurring due to a focus on a revamped version of Ground War instead and that is by the earlier commentary by Infinity Ward themselves. Joe Cecot pre-release expressed that while Infinity Ward were big fans of battle royale it wasn’t in the cards at that time. It wasn’t a hard ‘no’ but it was enough to take it off the table of speculation, especially considering the fact Infinity Ward revealed they are working to eventually push Ground War to a level where matches are 50 vs. 50.

To those who called Infinity Ward’s bluff weeks ago, or even months, this may not come as a surprise. For everyone else, what are your thoughts on battle royale making its debut in Modern Warfare sometime in the future? Let us know down below.