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‘Blair Witch’ Gets 4K Environmental Trailer

  • Day/night cycle.
  • Dynamic weather.
  • Shadows and lighting on display.


Tantalizingly short, and yet so pretty, this latest trailer from Bloober Team, titled “A Walk Through the Woods,” shows off the forested environments, foliage, lighting, shadows, day and night, weather, and a cozy little cabin.

If you find yourself wanting more after this trailer, consider checking out the gameplay trailer I posted about last month, but be wary of potential spoilers. Looking between the two trailers, however, I can’t help but wonder why this most recent one looks so much more impressive. Yes, its quality can be viewed in 4K, but my display can’t see it on anything higher than 720p, same as the first trailer, and yet it seems to look better… or am I just imagining that?

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