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‘Borderlands 3’ Gets Bloody Harvest Release Date and Trailer

  • Beginning on the 24th of October.
  • Free content update and event for everyone.
  • New trailer shows tons of exciting new stuff.


If you recall, it was back in September that Gearbox first revealed plans for a spooky Halloween event for the record-shattering Borderlands 3. Now Gearbox has finally announced when vault hunters can expect to jump and embrace the supernatural chaos. This limited time event, called Bloody Harvest, will go live for gamers on the 24th of October, perfect Halloween timing. To kick of this announcement, Gearbox released a new trailer filled with hype, beautiful graphics, and tons of content.

This event is completely free and anyone who owns a copy of Borderlands 3 will be able to jump in and unlock all of the temporarily added content. One of the cooler aspects of the trailer were the new haunted enemies that will start to appear across various locations on the map. As intimidating and creatively designed as they are, they have abilities to make them more difficult to dispatch. These new enemies are equipped with a new terror buff that will affect your character in ways that give them the advantage. Your vision, gun handling, accuracy, and spread will all be altered, and that security will be taken from you.

If you manage to somehow overcome these deadly creatures, you will earn a limited time currency called Heckotplasm that you’ll be able to trade in to gain access to more areas of the Bloody Harvest map. The excellently produced trailer shows you the new boss that’s been created to cause you grief, Captain Haunt. You also get to see the new legendary weapon, new skins for each of the vault hunters you can play as a new weapon skin and trinket, an echo device skin, a new grenade mod, and a shield mod. Players will have a blast with this new event, but remember, it’s only around for a limited time. Bloody Harvest is also only the first of many free limited time events that Gearbox wants to have over the course of Borderlands 3’s life.

It’s nice to report on good news regarding Borderlands 3, well besides the Fortnite crossover event. Since its release, Borderlands 3 has needed hotfixes to address terrible cloud save issues, create patches for the Xbox One version of the game because it was causing consoles to overheat, and even before its launch it resorted to questionable review copy tactics. Let’s also not forget that making the game an Epic Games Store exclusive wasn’t a popular decision, nor was launching with Denuvo DRM.

Borderlands 3 has been a polarizing release from a once great company and a once spectacular series. If they can continue to fix their game and listen to their fans, and tell Randy Pitchford to cool it, there is no doubt the game and community will continue to grow. I’m still holding out hope for a Nintendo Switch port of the entire series. I’m sure Google Stadia owners are excited. To stay up to date on Borderlands 3, make sure you follow Gearbox on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.


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