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‘Borderlands 3’ Getting Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite Raid Update This Week

  • It’ll run from January 16th to the 30th.
  • Other fixes added in this update.
  • Difficulty will scale to amount of players.


If you recall, at the start of the year, Borderlands 3 was set to alter its Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite raid to accommodate different number of players through changing the difficulty. Initially, the raid was designed for a team of four players, and it was challenging, but if you wanted to play with less people, the difficulty wouldn’t match. This made an already difficult mode impossible if you didn’t have four skilled players. With a dynamic difficulty system that would scale to the number of players in a team, the event would allow for more players to attempt it. It would also encourage antisocial gamers who prefer to play solo to actually have a chance at being successful.

This version of Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite was expected to release during the week of the 31st of December, but it was delayed due to unforeseen technical challenges. In case you weren’t aware, Borderlands 3 didn’t have the smoothest launch. With Gearbox finally getting their looter shooter in an acceptable state, we now know the changes to Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite will arrive on the 16th of January, and go through the 30th. Once this time has finished, players can expect the mode to return to its originally difficulty. For those who have played this mode, have you enjoyed it? This update will also bring several hotfixes, which you can read here, but some of the fixes are:

  • Addressed a reported concern that FL4K’s Furious Attack was sometimes not applying bonuses to pet damage as expected
  • Addressed a reported concern that Rakkcelerate was sometimes not applying the cooldown modifier as stated on the skill’s description
  • Addressed a reported concern that Cheap Tip’s total weapon shield capacity was sometimes not appearing in the tooltip on the item card
  • Addressed a reported concern that The Arbalest of Discipline was sometimes spawning with just shields

Borderlands 3 continues to add content at a steady pace, and they’ve managed to do so since launch. Borderlands 3 launched in September, received a free Halloween event in October, and its first paid piece of downloadable content last month. With this latest update, and the big plans they have for 2020, fans of the franchise can look forward to a great year after waiting so long for this release. I’m happy for Gearbox, and that they’ve managed to stop Xboxes from overheating, and fixed PC cloud saves. Speaking of saving issues, Monster Hunter World fans need to be cautious on PC. To stay up to date on Borderlands 3, follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and their official website.