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‘Borderlands 3’ Shatters 2K’s Records, Sells Five Million in Five Days

  • 2K announced that Borderlands 3 sold five million copies in its first five days.
  • This shattered records across the publishers divisions.
  • Despite exclusivity and performance issues, it’s 2K’s highest selling PC game.

Borderlands 3 has proven that people are willing to look past PC platform exclusivity. 2K has announced that Borderlands 3 is one of their most successful titles ever, shattering their internal records and far surpassing its predecessors.

The report itself explains a lot of various interesting data points: Borderlands as a franchise is the second 2K-published series to generate over $1 billion in bookings; Borderlands 3 sold 50% more copies than Borderlands 2 in the same five day launch window; it was the most pre-ordered game on the Epic Games Store to date, on top of 2K’s most pre-ordered game ever;  it sold 70% of its copies as digital, and was 2K’s highest selling PC title in a five day window.

After selling on average a million copies a day, Borderlands 3 is certainly on track to surpass 2K’s goal of beating Borderlands 2, which sold 22 million units throughout its seven year lifespan. If they keep up at the rate their going, Borderlands 3 will become a major contender, despite the multitude of issues that people continue to experience

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  1. That’s quite sad. Despite them shitting on the PC playerbase with the exclusivity, despite the developers being garbage and downright evil and despite the microtransactions normies still bought this piece of crap.

  2. Completely agree Mr0303.

    Its disappointing that so many people will just let the gaming company get away with so much garbage.

    Maybe our lord and savior Tim Sweeny was right with his comments on who will win the store wars. Ugh.

  3. more proof that gamers will take any bitter pill you give them if its attached to a game they like.

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