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‘Breath of the Wild 2’ Gets a Fan-Made Demake Trailer.

  • Content creator The Regressor remagines E3 2019 trailer as a 1999 trailer instead.
  • Latest in a line of content from different creators on YouTube making new games appear older.
  • The ‘demake’ experience is like living the mid-to-late ‘90s all over again.

The Legend of Zelda fans got a taste of the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 earlier this year at E3, which depicted Link and Zelda traversing an ancient crypt only to stumble on the resting place of an ancient evil, none other than Ganondorf of course. It set the stage for their next adventure on the Nintendo Switch, coming as a direct sequel to 2017’s Breath of the Wild. But have you ever wondered what it might look like with Nintendo 64 graphics? If you answered no, then I have to ask where’s your curiosity and sense of nostalgia? If you said yes, then you’ve come to the right place, as YouTube content creator The Regressor has the answer to that question with his demake version of the E3 2019 trailer, dubbing the video Breath of the Wild 2- Nintendo E3 1999

A shot for shot remake of the trailer, completely stylized to look like a nearly perfect representation of an era of gaming long passed, the fan-made project is something awesome to see. You can check out both trailers below and see the amount of detail that went into making the trailer feel like an old game, but not a different game, from the graphics to the sound, even going as far as to make the music and sound effects sound older. It’s simultaneously ugly and beautiful in all the right ways, and I felt like I really was taking a look at a new N64 version of Zelda.



Demakes are a growing craze that seems to have been picking up steam among content creators standing in stark contrast to the number of remakes and remasters that have been coming into gaming. Fans like 98Demake, The Regressor, and Hoolopee take gamers on what-if scenarios that the mind may think of, and the heart may long for, but the technology of the day has enabled us to surpass.


It’s fun to reflect on the past sometimes, as it helps us more fully appreciate where we’ve ended up. Gaming is no different, where these days the industry has made huge leaps in both quality and quantity. That being said, there are still some things that videos like this evoke. Feelings of a time before DLC and Early Access, a world without microtransactions in general may be something a lot of gamers miss. 

Some companies have noticed that desire for a simpler time, with games such as Ion Fury and a faithful remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening which tries to blend the old with the new, but efforts like that are few and far between right now. There’s been a release of a handful of classic-style miniature consoles, and even digital marketplaces offering a number of old games, but we’ll never have new “old” games again. The new will only get newer, and the current and old will only get older.

So to all those content creators out there trying to recapture glimpses of the past by applying old school lenses of nostalgia to newer games, we salute the effort. That sort of creativity is one often under-recognized and the effort too rarely seen. So next time you’re wondering what a game might have been like back then, just search for it. The more this trend continues, the more likely you are to find it and the trips down memory lane are fun ones.