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‘Bushiden’ Shows off Gameplay in new Trailer

  • A futuristic, ninja action platformer.
  • The game combines melee combat with exploration elements.
  • Will release sometime in 2020.


Pixel Arc Studios has been hard at work on their Kickstarter-funded game Bushiden. To show off their progress, they’ve released a three minute video showcasing the game’s graphics, gameplay, and progress. If you, like me, have just learned of this game and were unable to back it, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam here. The game will also be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. All platforms will receive the game sometime in 2020.

Bushiden is being called a futuristic ninja action platformer that has Metroidvania influences. The game mixes melee combat with exploration and challenging foes across eight separate non-linear levels. In these levels, you’ll face off against epic boss fights and unlock  new combat abilities and traversal techniques. Bushiden gives you a lot of ways to take out enemies. From throwing stars, to your trusty blade, and even throwing enemies themselves. 

In typical Metroidvania fashion, you’ll get to return it prior levels with all of your upgrades, and this will open up new pathways to bring you formerly unattainable rewards, making you even more powerful. Enemies themselves will also drop currency, and this will allow you to purchase health upgrades, enhance your throwing stars, have weapon summons, and chi spell attacks.

With it’ beautiful pixel art, Bushiden tells the story of your greatest enemy being revived from the dead and seeking revenge. Gaoh has also gathered an army of Cybergentic ninjas to do his bidding. You play as Reylee, the last member of the ancient Iga-Ryu Clan. His sister, Seana, has vanished, and this leads you to embark on a quest to not only find and save her, but to also put an end to Gaoh once and for all.

Bushiden is the next big Metroidvania ninja gaming coming in 2020. Make sure you stay up to date on this game by following the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.