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CAPCOM, Are You Teasing Us?

  • A Resident Evil Facebook post reignites speculation.
  • CAPCOM will be bringing four titles to Jump Fest, two yet to be announced.
  • CAPCOM previously confirmed revisiting dormant IPs from the company’s past.

Sometimes, the smallest things get people in an uproar of speculation. When it comes to the world of video games, the smallest things can suddenly get blown out of proportion and next thing you know apparently a picture meant to notify people of discounted games during the Steam sale is enough for people to start screaming that the cat is out of the bag. That’s exactly what happened during the recent Steam sale when CAPCOM announced that the Resident Evil franchise was on sale through the official Resident Evil Facebook account and made the unfortunate move of using this image to go along with it.

What’re ya buyin’, stranger?

Save big on the entire RE franchise on Steam!

Can you guess what the fuss is about? The image sports protagonists and antagonists from the franchise, but people were quick to point out one of the characters in the image are in a Resident Evil game not on Steam. In the back, veiled in red filtering, stands Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. So that means a remake is confirmed right? Well no, not in the slightest. Shortly after the launch of the Resident Evil 2 remake earlier this year, a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has been hinted at off and on. But even some of the most concrete evidence has yet to yield any results beyond CAPCOM teasing us. In all likelihood, it’s coming but this particular image isn’t likely to be the confirmation that people are wanting it to be.

That doesn’t mean I’m here to rain on any parades, quite the contrary; I’m just saying in this particular instance I don’t think this was meant to be a tease, but rather a blanket showcase of Resident Evil imagery. It’s also important to note, that technically Nemesis is on Steam in the context of the Resident Evil games that are on sale, as he appears in Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City as a boss. I know everyone wants to forget about that game but, it’s there.


So where does that leave a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis? It’s not a matter of if, but when. Speculation is running rampant that it will launch sometime next year, though I think that window is a bit too narrow unless they were already working on the remake alongside of the Resident Evil 2 remake and that doesn’t seem like a gamble CAPCOM would take without knowing just how well RE2 was going to perform. At Jump Fest which will run from December 21st through the 22nd, CAPCOM is set to make an appearance with four games but so far only two have been confirmed as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. With CAPCOM’s previous confirmation that they’ll be looking into other aspects of dormant franchises following the success of Resident Evil 2, we could be looking at another revival (Dino Crisis please) or we could be looking at Resident Evil 3 as one of the hidden games. The games at Jump Fest are set to appear in a playable capacity, that much we do know. Right now the most anyone can do is wait and see, but lets also try to reel it in a little with the excitement and anticipation. Not every piece of artwork attached to social media posting is a secret message is the takeaway here.

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  1. This is an art from 2016 so it certainly isn’t a teaser of anything new.

  2. Of course Capcom will release a RE3 Remake. I’m pretty sure RE2 Remake was massively successful and releasing their older games is what Crapcom has a tons of experience in.

    As for reviving dormant franchises – Capcom have lied about that before and in their current state I’d rather these IPs remain untouched than producing a microtransaction-filled sequel.

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