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‘Car Mechanic Flipper’ Coming This Year

  • Will be available on Steam.
  • Find, repair, and sell cars.
  • Also features pinball game elements.


Developer Pixel Flipper S.A. and publisher PlayWay S.A. are expected to release their upcoming casual indie action vehicle simulation title Car Mechanic Flipper sometime this year on PC via Steam. The title is described as an arcade pinball game where you bounce cars instead of balls. Players will find cars in order to flip them, that way they can sell them for profit. The developers aim to provide players with tons of additional content, and there’s always the voxel Zoo to visit.

Car Mechanic Flipper places you in the role of a car mechanic, and you head out to buy old and broken cars, where you’ll then repair them, make them beautiful, and then set off to sell them through an auction to get a nice premium for your hard work. This will create a gameplay loot in which you are constantly looking for new vehicles to repair and sell, which will bring in more money to upgrade your shop, and this will allow you to improve cars with more options. Eventually you’ll have your workshop rated as best in class, which will grant you premium cars as a reward. The title also serves as an old school arcade pinball game with a voxel look and feel. Other features are as follows:

  • Fast paced arcade gameplay.
  • Easy to grasp the basics – but challenging to master to perfection
  • Supports both Pad and Keyboard controls.
  • Tons of cars to flip.
  • Hit the mechanics to fix the car.
  • Visit chassis, wheels, body, engine workshops and upgrade relevant car elements.
  • Fuel up and drift around.

Are you excited for Car Mechanic Flipper? Will you be picking it up when it releases? Are there any other similar titles that you’re excited for? What are some of the best racing titles? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Partisans 1941, FrostFall, and Little Witch Nobeta. To stay up to date on Car Mechanic Flipper, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and their official website.