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    What Happened With Just Cause 4?

    Just Cause has been an interesting franchise to follow. The game has not always been the most high quality, the most well-written, or even the most fun to play, but it has always carried a certain allure that fans have not been able to stop blowing sh*t up for hell of it. Despite this, the…

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    9 May Indie Games Worth Checking Out

    By golly, it’s hard to believe The Last of Us Part II is finally dropping next month. This year has been such a whirlwind of uncertainty. That’s especially true for the games industry, in which event cancelations and release delays have become the norm. With that said, it’s incredibly heartening to see not only Naughty…

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    What is Spellbreak?

    Fortnite and CoD: Warzone continue to dominate the Battle Royale market, but a game that recently began expanding its closed alpha is still looking to break out into the incredibly popular space. Spellbreak is an exciting fantasy take on the Battle Royale genre. Unlike games like Realm Royale or Battlerite Royale, Spellbreak takes the idea…

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    What to Love About ‘RAD’

    In a Post-Post Apocalyptic World, one teenager has the power to become… RAD. After not one, but two apocalypses ravaging humanity, hope is nearly gone. In this isometric roguelike adventure, players take control of a teenager living amongst the last remnants of humanity. The systems keeping them safe have begun to fail, and only these…

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    Halo: The Flood – Book Review

    At the time of writing, Halo is going through something of a renaissance thanks to the Master Chief Collection coming to PC and Halo Infinite looming on the horizon, but there has always been a background aspect of Halo that many of the fans like to indulge in, despite some wonky timeline occurrences and reorganized…

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    Godzilla 2019 NECA: Long Live the King

    Godzilla, Gojira, Goji, King of the Monsters, no matter how you choose to address the iconic Kaiju, one fact remains unchanged, he’s an immediately recognizable monster who broke free of any sense of cultural border and became a household name for those with an interest in monsters. Not including the 1999 Roland Emmerich movie, which…

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    5 Films (Or Franchises) That Deserve a Decent Video Game

    We all know the stellar hit rate video game movies have… well, okay, maybe some of them did quite well (looking at you, Detective Pikachu!) but most video game movie adaptations are known for being notoriously bad. Sometimes, they fall into the “so bad they’re good” category, but more often than not they’re… just bad….