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    When Does Realism Count?

    One of the biggest appeals to video games and fictional experiences in general is that we can leave the real world behind. Besides the joy of gaming, we game to get away from the stresses of everyday life for awhile and immerse ourselves in another world. After all, to be considered escapism, we must be…

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    12 October Indie Games Worth Checking Out

    After a bumpy ride, the latest Call of Duty installment has touched down to very positive reviews, and if you’re not taking advantage of crossplay with friends, you’re probably diving into The Outer Worlds, playing Overwatch on the go, or marveling the MediEvil remake. That’s all well and good. But what if nothing’s captivated you…

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    5 Indie Games For Halloween

    It’s that time of year again; Halloween draws closer, and everyone loves a good scare, right? We know all the big names, the Resident Evils, the Silent Hills, Outlast, Amnesia, etc. Today I’m bringing you a list of five personal indie picks that are great for the Halloween season. All of the games are available…

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    10 Levels and Games Set Inside Something’s Body

    Many games aim to create immersion by sucking you in to their game world. Some games go one step further, by sucking you into something that lives inside said game world. The following are ten (rather squishy) games, or levels therein, that take place inside something’s body. #10–Fantastic Voyage [1982] The 1966 film Fantastic Voyage…

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    5 of the Spookiest Games to Play this Halloween

    Its that time of year again, folks! Halloween is fast approaching, and there’s never been a more terrifying time to play some terrifying games. Just like horror movies, horror games have been a staple in the medium for their entire life. Without further ado, here are five of the spookiest horror games you can play…

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    Why I Refuse to Play the Link’s Awakening Remake

    When Nintendo first announced the remake for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch, I was ecstatic. I loved playing The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX for Game Boy Color back in the day, and even though I absolutely hated the graphics style of the remake, I was psyched to finally return…

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    5 Horror Games That’d Be Great as Horror Movies

    Movies are made from games all the time, and most of the time they’re very bad. There have been some positive ones, and some that are “so bad they’re good,” but one genre that actively sees very few iterations is horror. Sure, you have your Resident Evil movies and your Silent Hill movies, but the…

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    Naughty Dog: Deserving of Praise or Overhyped?

    Naughty Dog isn’t the same company from its earlier years. It’s a night and day difference. Of course, the vast majority of gamers and critics view them in such high regard that every game released will be hailed as a classic. Perfect. This started around Uncharted 2 and has continued to raise the company to…