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    What to Love About ‘RAD’

    In a Post-Post Apocalyptic World, one teenager has the power to become… RAD. After not one, but two apocalypses ravaging humanity, hope is nearly gone. In this isometric roguelike adventure, players take control of a teenager living amongst the last remnants of humanity. The systems keeping them safe have begun to fail, and only these…

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    Godzilla 2019 NECA: Long Live the King

    Godzilla, Gojira, Goji, King of the Monsters, no matter how you choose to address the iconic Kaiju, one fact remains unchanged, he’s an immediately recognizable monster who broke free of any sense of cultural border and became a household name for those with an interest in monsters. Not including the 1999 Roland Emmerich movie, which…

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    Char’s Zaku II Red Comet Ver Unboxing

    Welcome back, Gunpla fans both old and new! The future looks bright for the Red Comet! Later this year, we’re going to be getting an all new Zaku II for Char Aznable, and this time it’s going to be a Revive version of the original Char’s Zaku II. So in anticipation of that, we’re going…

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    Char’s Zaku II Red Comet Ver Rundown

    Welcome Gunpla fans, both old and new! Today we’re going to be following up on our unboxing of Char’s Zaku II Red Comet Ver in High Grade 1/144 scale from Gundam The Origin. A quick word before we go on. The light box is back in operation, so things should are finally back to normal!…

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    A Beginner’s Guide to Magic The Gathering

    Magic: The Gathering. Many consider this incredibly popular and successful trading card game to be the peak of nerd or geek culture. For over 25 years, Wizards of the Coast has designed, developed, and published the countless cards that make up the Magic: The Gathering catalogue. With such a large backlog and such a hefty…

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    McFarlane Action Figures: Are They Really That Bad?

    McFarlane is a brand that has firmly cemented itself in the action figure and collectibles marketplace over the years, for better or for worse. They have gathered a reputation for being less than stellar, but that doesn’t mean everything they release is a stinker. Popular opinion is that a McFarlane figure is going to be…

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    Dom Test Type 1/144 High Grade Rundown

    Welcome Gunpla fans, both old and new! Today, we’re going to be following up on our unboxing of the High Grade Dom Test Type 1/144 Origin MSD kit by having a look at how the kit looks when it’s built and detailed straight out of the box with a little extra effort. A quick word…