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    Dom Test Type 1/144 High Grade Unboxing

    Welcome back, Gunpla fans both old and new! A quick word before we go on. The light box is back in operation, so moving forward things should be back to normal! Today, we’re going to be looking at, and unboxing, a kit from The Origin MSD line of goods. In particular, we’re looking at the…

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    Old School Pokémon Power Reserve Theme Deck

    Pokémon Unite! With this Power Reserve deck, your Grass and Psychic Pokémon will come Swarm to each other’s aid! Power Reserve is something of a strange Theme Deck when you get down to it. The name suggests holding back power for some later use, but in practice the deck is geared more towards spamming the…

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    Old School Pokémon Blackout Theme Deck

    “Leave your rivals in the dark as you destroy their Energy with the fighting and Water Pokémon in the Blackout deck!” The Blackout Theme Deck is another theme deck that doesn’t necessarily live up to its claims of stripping Energy from your opponent until you start to customize the deck. Straight out of the box,…

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    Old School Pokémon Lockdown Theme Deck

    “Shut Down your opponents offence with the Lock Down deck and attack at will!” The Lockdown Theme Deck. This deck is an odd one, because it packs in both Fire and Water Types together without any synergy, but it doesn’t suffer despite the lack of synergy. Rather, you get a deck that can equally deal…

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    Gundam RX-121-1 TR-1 Hazel Custom

    Welcome back, Gunpla fans both old and new! Today we’re going to be looking at, and unboxing, the Gundam RX-121-1 TR-1 Hazel Custom 1/144 Scale High Grade kit! This particular High Grade is the 56th kit that Bandai produced, and is one of the oddball kits that is based on a suit that has never…

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    Gundam RX-121-1 TR-1 Hazel Custom Rundown

    Welcome Gunpla fans, both old and new! Today we’re following up on our unboxing of the Gundam RX-121-1 TR-1 Hazel Custom  1/144 Scale High Grade by having a look at how the kit looks when it’s built and detailed straight out of the box, but this time there will be some additional painted pieces. What…

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    Sonic Adventure Battle 2: Blinded by Nostalgia

    Video games have done a lot of good in the world, despite what many in the business of hyperbole would have you think. From helping to make new friends with like minded individuals, to the physical benefits of improving concentration and memory, video games can do so much good for us. When a game properly…

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    Warhammer 40,000: Severed [Novel]

    It is perhaps a failing on my part as a fan of Warhammer 40,00 that I haven’t been keeping quite so up to date with the developments surrounding the Necrons as I should have. I’ve read the older codex entries and a decent amount of the more modern lore, but I couldn’t tell you as…

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    Top 5 Games Based on Books

    The makers of video games wisely seek inspiration from various sources, such as films, TV shows, other games and comic books. As all of these are visual media, they are sometimes a ready ‘fit’ for video games. But what about basing games on non-visual media, such as a book? How well would this work? In…