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    Old School Pokémon Lockdown Theme Deck

    “Shut Down your opponents offence with the Lock Down deck and attack at will!” The Lockdown Theme Deck. This deck is an odd one, because it packs in both Fire and Water Types together without any synergy, but it doesn’t suffer despite the lack of synergy. Rather, you get a deck that can equally deal…

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    Pokémon: Revisiting the Base Sets

    Collectable trading card games have been around for a pretty long time at this point, with many different games having come and gone. Be it sports-related trading cards to collect, exchange, and display, or niche competitive games that didn’t survive into the 2000s with archaic rule sets that are now finding a home in the…

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    Fire Emblem Warriors: Cheap and Cheerful

    If you’ve been gaming for a certain amount of time, you’ve no doubt noticed one specific thing that is generally considered a universal truth. Games that are niche and exclusive to Nintendo platforms, nearly always hold their value. There are the odd outliers that fluctuate in value, of course, and you have some niche Nintendo-exclusive…

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    9 MORE Games Based on Books

    In an earlier article, we looked at five games that are based on books. Since then we have trawled the internet and found several more. So, without further ado, here are nine more games based on books. #9–I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream In 1967 Harlan Ellison unleashed on the world what is…

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    Pokemon Card Game 2-Player Starter Set

    For many newcomers to the world of the Pokémon Trading Card Game in the mid to late 90s, the 2-Player Starter Set was their first step into the game. This set was incredibly important to the game and has cemented itself as one of the most iconic TCG starters ever released. Unlike the various Theme…

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    Defining a Genre: What Makes an RPG?

    Defining the meaning of the term ‘Roleplaying Game,’ at least when we’re talking about CRPGs (or ‘Computer Roleplaying Game’), can be harder than one would think at first. Over time, the genre mixed more and more with action adventures and 1st as well as 3rd person shooters. It is therefore difficult to define role playing…

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    Was Gaming Better “Back Then”?

    Exploring one’s own biases and reconsidering one’s own stances is probably one of the hardest parts of the human condition, even when it comes to something ultimately frivolous like gaming. I ask myself often: “How big are those rose-tinted glasses of mine when I’m talking about how gaming was so much better back in the…

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    5 Guilty Pleasure Games

    I don’t care how much of a hardcore video game aficionado you are; we all have our guilty pleasure video games. We all have our guilty pleasure video games. It might be games that are so bad they’re good, or games that are so bad that it’s funny to play them, or games that are…

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    Crash Generation: Looking Back at Burnout

    Criterion Games’ track record is unmistakable. They’ve been making PC games since 1996, notably putting out niche but respected racer TrickStyle and futureboarding AirBlade. But in 2001, they began work on a series of titles that would eventually blow those and a lot of other racing games out of the water. Burnout has humble beginnings,…