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    The 3 Worst Civilization Games

    Sid Meier’s Civilization is beloved by millions of people, and rightfully so. Few other games manage to combine gameplay principles that actually manage to provide knowledge about the world that we live in with such addictive fun. Diplomacy, war, research, resource management, strategy and tactics, the Civ franchise has it all. Naturally, some iterations of…

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    5 Games That Make the PSP Still Worth Owning

    It’s probably fair to say that most people aren’t quite as prone to nostalgia as I am, but I’m sure that there’s a healthy amount of individuals out there who are just as fond as diving into the past. The PSP is a genuinely great little system, despite its flaws, and I’m not just talking…

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    5 Video Game TV Shows in the Works

    Previously, we’ve covered the games that are being made for the big screen. But the movie theater isn’t the only place Hollywood wants to bring video games. They want to bring video games to… the living room! You know, the place where you play video games! Because why would we want to play games when…

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    The 3 Best Civilization Games

    Having just written about the three worst Civilization entries, and shedding one or two virtual tears over it because they are all great games at their core, it is my absolute pleasure to now present to you the three best Civilization games. Turn-based strategy is one of the oldest genres in computer gaming, and the…

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    Has Sony Fixed PlayStation Now?

    Sony was far ahead of its competitors when it released PlayStation Now in 2014. The service was the first major foray into game streaming, but at the time it was laughably ineffective. Early reviews of the service point out its painful input lag and low bandwidth, but since then Sony has put a lot into…

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    What Makes a Good Quest?

    You’re a level 1 warrior who has just walked into the local tavern, wearing naught but some poor-quality leather armor and carrying a rusty dagger and an old buckler. As you approach the bar, the tavern keeper tells you that unfortunately, there isn’t any ale; the cellar is overrun with rats–20 of them, to be…