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Char’s Zaku II Red Comet Ver Unboxing

Welcome back, Gunpla fans both old and new!

The future looks bright for the Red Comet! Later this year, we’re going to be getting an all new Zaku II for Char Aznable, and this time it’s going to be a Revive version of the original Char’s Zaku II. So in anticipation of that, we’re going to be looking at, and unboxing, Char’s very own Zaku II from Gundam The Origin. Or, to give the suit it’s full name, the “Zaku II Principality of Zeon Char Aznable`s Mobile Suits Red Comet Ver.” Lifted directly from Gundam The Origin, this Zaku II comes packing a ton of weaponry and some special identifying markings that denote the suit as belonging to the Falmer Corps, the group of soldiers who operated out of Char’s Command Ship, Falmer.

Released fairly recently in April of 2019, the Zaku II Red Comet Ver. takes the already fantastic line of Origin Zaku kits and adds some more detail to it by way of the aforementioned identifying markings, but aside from that, there hasn’t been much changed at all with the build quality of those most excellent Zaku kits. It was first brought to market for about 1,800 JPY, which comes in at around £13, or $17 for those of you in the states.

Being one of Char’s Zakus, the majority of the suit will be cast in various shades of red with a dash of black to break it up, so with that in mind, we’re going to be panel lining the entire thing to help bring out those details that might otherwise get lost. I’ll also be painting some of this kit, because it’s going into my personal collection, however there won’t be too much, so you needn’t worry about needing to apply your own paint job when push comes to shove. There are practically no color-correcting stickers in this kit; what you will find instead is a lot of stickers for adding details, such as the above mentioned Falmer Corps logo and other details such as armor trim. You don’t need to add these, but the suit will look markedly better if you do.

Just like every other Char mobile suit kit in existence, the first thing that you’re going to see when you crack it open is the layers of reddish pink that make up the majority of the suit’s armor plating. Broken up into two primary shades, the arms, legs, feet, and head will all be made out of the pinkish pieces, with the waist section and chest section being made up of the much darker, almost maroon shade of red, with the pilot’s hatch on the chest being cast in black. There’s a massive amount of surface detail in these Zaku kits, and Char’s Zaku II Red Comet Ver. is no different. A black panel line job will make the details really pop, but if you want something that’s clearly discernible but less contrasted, perhaps consider trying Tamiya’s Panel Line Accent Color Dark Brown instead. Personally, I went with the black.

Much of the suit’s joints and inner workings are cast in a dark grey. It’s not quite black, and this comes with the unfortunate downside that it can be easy to mark and stress this plastic. But if you take your time, you’ll be fine. They aren’t often clearly visible, but adding in some black panel lining will make them look quite nice when you’re pulling off dynamic poses.

When it comes to accessories and armaments, they are cast in the usual grey color. It’s nothing too exciting, but there is at least a decent amount of equipment in the kit to make up for its lack of interesting color. One nice feature however is that the Belt Fed Machine Gun has a red ammo box instead of green, in keeping with the Red Comet aesthetic. So speaking of equipment, what do you get in this kit? Well, you’ll find quite a lot:

  • 1x Machine gun – The default Zaku Machine Gun, the workhorse of the Zeon Mobile Suits.


  • 1x Belt-feeding machine gun – The default Zaku Machine Gun, this version eschews the typical top loading magazine in favor of a belt fed ammunition stream.
  • 1x Bazooka type A2 – The Zaku II’s A2 Bazooka is a three round magazine fed anti-armor weapon that is more commonly deployed in space than planetside, this particular version comes with two additional shoulder mounted magazines for a total of 9 rounds.


  • 1x 135mm Anti-Ship Rifle – A massive anti-ship rifle capable of taking down larger craft from considerable distances, this weapon has become one of the most popular items to come from a Zaku Origin kit.
  • 1x Heat hawk (active mode)
  • 1x Heat hawk (storage mode)

For those of you who are interested in painting your kit, rather than sticking with its default coloration straight out of the box, here’s the color chart to make sure you get a 1:1 paint scheme.

That’s all for now folks! Check back soon when we’ll be looking at the completed build and running down through what makes it worthy of bearing Char’s name!