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China’s New Regulations Reshape PUBG With Nationalism and No Death

  • No blood, no corpses.
  • PUBG now pays tribute to the Chinese air force. 
  • Progress carries over from original PUBG

PUBG, or as it’s now called in China, Game of Peace, has been reshaped to conform to the latest round of restrictions from the communist nation. Among these restrictions, the depiction of blood of any color has been outlawed, meaning that in Game of Peace, when you unload a spray of bullets from an automatic rifle into someone, the result is a series of green flashes around their torso. Also now illegal in Chinese videogames are any depictions of corpses. How do they get around that one in a game about shooting people, you wonder? Well, now when anyone gets shot down, they no longer die, but pop back up to give a friendly wave goodbye before simply clipping out of existence.

An artificial theme of Chinese patriotism has also been injected into the battle royale, in what turned out to be a successful bid to placate the censors. According to Reuters, Tencent referred to the game as one that “pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard our country’s airspace.” This is why a pair of fighter jets now accompany the drop plane at the start of every match.

But other than these hilariously awkward and aesthetic modifications, Game for Peace is still PUBG, so much so that any progress players have made in the original mobile PUBG in China is carried over to Game for Peace.

Approval from the Chinese censors means that Game for Peace has now been cleared to sell microtransactions. The non-communist version of the game is still available on Steam, but Chinese companies are hard at work with Valve to create a Chinese Steam client, so that won’t last for too much longer.

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